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Monday, 20 May 2013

Some days you just have to have a rest.

Sunday 12/5/13

After last night's fun and shenanigans, today was a very lazy recovery day. We took the dogs for a walk down to the beach where they ran themselves ragged again, then sat down and watched the World Super Bike races on TV.

Leigh and Annmarie laid on a superb roast dinner with lashings of vegetables. We haven't had a lot of veggies for a while so it was a real treat. The veggies here taste so good as well. We definitely have to start our own veggie garden when we get home. It just HAS to be done.

With very full bellies we all jumped on the lounge and watched a weird movie called Seven Psychopaths. I'm still scratching my head about this one.

Suzanne and I have been back and forth about taking the bike home with us. Today we got a couple of quotes and decided "Hang the expense, we'll take it home". Then I jumped on the government website to complete an application to import form. While filling out the form I discovered that because I had been away from the bike for more than forty two days in total during our holiday, I'm not eligible to import it into Australia. I could have cried. We are very disappointed that we can't take it home with us.

We'll try and sell it before we go. Or should we leave it here for our next trip? There are still a lot of places to go and see...


The decision has been made, the bike has to be sold. It's a bloody brilliant bike and is listed on ebay here:

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