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Friday, 3 May 2013

Collioure to our old favourite, Pezenas

Sunday 28/4/13

Looking out the window it was more of the same we had yesterday. Cold, wet, and miserable. We have to keep moving, even though we're not sure where we are going at the moment, but it will be somewhere north.

There are no photos from today because it was so wet Suzanne didn't get the camera out.

We left Collioure with the plan of stopping somewhere along the way to sit down to discuss our lack of finances, and make a plan for the remainder of our trip. It was that wet and cold that we didn't want to stop, and just to prove how silly I am, I didn't have the warm liners in my pants or jacket. I planned to put them in when we stopped. It was around six degrees most of the day so it was motorway time.

Finally we had to stop for fuel. They have this great idea in France. Self serve petrol stations. You ride in, insert your credit card, fill up, and ride off. That's great, if you read French, the machine's are working, and you don't need a toilet to put on some warm clothes. They offer fuel, and nothing else.

With a tank full of fuel it was back on the road, still just heading north. If we turn west it's back to the UK. If we turn east it's Switzerland. We still hadn't decided. Then I saw a sign that read Pezenas. We had a good time in Pezenas before Christmas, and Cyril was a great host at the hotel. Pezenas for the night it was.

We walked into Hotel Moliere and Cyril was there. He greeted us like a couple of long lost friends with a smile a mile wide. We were given a very nice room, with a balcony. Cyril asked us how we coped with washing our clothes while we were travelling. We explained that we used laundromats on the road, or when we stayed with friend's we made the most of their washing machines. Then he said "Give me your washing. I will get my girlfriend to wash it for you and give it back in the morning." Hello gift horse. That's above and beyond. Thank you Cyril.

That night, realising just how broke were are now, (it snuck up on us), we ate our emergency rations just to save a few euros.

The hard decision had to be made.

We have to head back to UK and sell off the bike and our stuff. We fly out of the UK on May 22nd and will be back in Oz on may 24.

Sad face.


  1. Don't forget to visit us in Biel before you leave to OZ! :) Hugs and kisses from Patrice, Monika, Fabian and the 1200GS :)

  2. Hello my friends,

    It was a pleasure meeting you.

    I hope you have enjoyed the end of your trip so far.

    Take care and bon voyage.

    Make you sure you buy "jambon serano" before you leave.

    1. Hi Cyril, It was great to catch up with you again, and thank you for looking after us so well. We have bought Serano, but eaten it all, so we have to get some more.

      We hope to see you in Australia in the future.