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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Another quiet day.


Today was another quiet day with me doing a bit of bike prep and packing for the trip.

Emma and Paige are off to London for more, wait for it, shopping. Paige and Emma are becoming very good friends and I can see them starting an international cup cake business together in the future. They left for London at 9.20 am and returned home at 9 pm. Not a bad effort. I can imagine them flitting from store to store like a couple of bees pollinating a field of flowers. To say Paige is having a good time would be a massive understatement.

That night we had a BBQ dinner and Julie was concerned it wouldn't be good enough for us. Apparently we when Aussies have a BBQ we go all out with lots of “shrimp”, a huge range of marinated meat, a truck load of special salads and so on. It's hours and hours of preparation. (And we have outdoor kitchen sized BBQs with fridges etc). That's what her friends told her. It’s OK, we put them right, a couple of chops, a couple of snags, and a simple salad is fine. It’s more about the company and conversation than the food. We had great company tonight, but having said that the food was bloody brilliant. Brian worked magic on the barbie. Thanks guys.

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