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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Touchdown Barcelona.


We touched down in Barcelona at just after lunch on a beautiful warm and sunny day. Boy do I need it so I can dry out. Our driver was waiting for us at the arrivals gate and he spoke no English at all. That's OK, we speak no Spanish either. There was a lot of charades, pointing, and speaking slowly and loudly to each other on the way to our apartment but we got there.

Our apartment is about twenty steps from Las Ramblas so there is plenty going on, even at three in the morning, and we have a very passionate Spanish family in the apartment next door. Did I mention the walls are paper thin? We are well and truly immersed in the Spanish way of life at the moment.

Just your typical building in Barcelona.

After a quick supermarket shop we spent the afternoon settling into out apartment. I still can't get over the prices here, they are soooooo much cheaper than at home.


We are all a little worn out and we're taking it easy at the moment. It's just a relaxing break, with a little shopping happening. Paige is doing well and getting a nice little collection of things that are about half the price they are in Australia. She's pretty happy when she gets a bargain.

Tapas, a Mohito for Suzanne, and a very strong Bourbon and Coke for Paige.


Paige has had a really bad cold for about a week now and now that I've finally relaxed it's got me as well. I slept most of the day and night trying to shake it. The plan tomorrow is to head out and do some touristy stuff, like Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. We're all a little bit worse for ware after the UK.

A little recovery time and we'll be ready to go again.

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