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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Homeward bound, first stop, Adelaide.


After last night's get together (read extended party) we were all a bit slow getting going this morning. We planned an early get away because our next overnight stop was Adelaide, 750 kilometers away. By the time we battled the Melbourne peak hour traffic, and a broken down truck blocking two lanes on the West Gate Bridge, I think it was about ten o'clock before we actually got out onto the open road.

Another selfie. How good is the weather?
(Especially for Melbourne)

It wasn't a very exciting ride so it was just a matter of covering some distance as quick as possible.

Sheep Art. 

Painted sheep decorated the main street of Kavinia near the Victoria South Australia border. I liked them. Why are there painted sheep in Kavinia. You can find out here:

Is putting sheep art in the streets a case of "ram"ming art down people's throats?

As luck would have it we rode straight into Adelaide peak hour traffic. We were pretty tired, but that wasn't going to stop us from having a good time after we checked in at the caravan park. Uncle R had a mate, Luke, who was staying there with his family, and Luke was all to happy to give us a cold beer as soon as we took our helmets off. I didn't know him, but I can tell a good bloke when I see one, or when he hands me a cold beer. The first beer didn't touch the sides, nor did the second.

After cleaning up we made our way to The Thai Orchid, a restaurant in Henley Beach that Luke had recommended. Here we were to meet up with my friends Annie and Kevin. I met Annie and Kev while travelling in Europe the year before last, and we hit it off immediately. Kevin is actually the undefeated Hula Hoop Champion of the Mediterranean.

Once again I didn't have my camera, so the only photo from the night is a grainy phone photo.

Kev and Annie had a head start.
That wine bottle was empty when we arrived.

The restaurant turned out to be a great recommendation as the food was superb, and the beer and wine was cold. We had a lot of laughs and Annie harassed me as she does. No, really, it's true. Unfortunately Kev and Annie are working tomorrow night so it was a one night stand for us.

All to soon the night was over and we parted ways, after Kev bought us a beer at the pub across the road of course. Thanks Kev. I promise I'll bring Suzanne next time...maybe.

If you live around Adelaide and want to do something different for that special someone, or need to arrange a staff outing, these guys run Viking Yacht Charters. I haven't been out on their cat, but I do know Kev and Annie, and I can guarantee you'll have a good time. Take a look at...

See you next trip guys.

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