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Friday, 31 October 2014

Chillin' in Hobart.


I had a pretty easy day today. Some of the guys took a ride down to the historic prison settlement of Port Arthur to do the tourist thing, but as I'd visited there last time I was In Tasmania I decided to give it a miss and wander around Hobart instead.

After catching up on a bit of blogging I strolled into town. I had spied a really interesting antique shop last night and was keen to have a poke around in there, but it was closed. Disappointed!

As I made my way down the main drag I found some samples of the local urban art. I like it...

After looking around a few of the interesting local shops I found a cafe for breakfast where I despatched a plate of Eggs Benedict and a coffee before making my way back up the hill to our hotel. Lo and behold the antique shop was open.

I went in and the owner Scott explained that he was running on Tassie time, which meant he opens when he feels like it. I was looking at all the military goodies in one cabinet when I saw a Western Australian University Regiment badge. I asked the guy if I could have a look at it and he told me it was his old badge. WAUR is my old regiment so the chatting started. His name was Scott and he left the regiment about two years before I joined. It was like we were old mates, then a few of his real mates dropped in and the banter began. I told them it was exactly the same as sitting around with my mates as they were all talking the same bull**** that we do. We had a few laughs and It was a lot of fun. I left with my regimental badge, a nice little brooch for Suzanne, and a big smile on my face. They were a great bunch of guys. Thanks Scott.

My W.A.U.R. find.

I can't post a photo of Suzanne's brooch yet, not until she's seen it.

Dinner time was an opportunity to meet Clay and Anita, friends of Uncle G. They were a bad influence and we spent way too much time in a wine bar, then finished off in a pub across the road with some live music.

The band was called South of the Border and they were so much fun. They created a real party atmosphere, that I was happy to soak in. Keep your ears open, I might be getting them to Perth some time soon.

One thing I've noticed here is how cheap the drinks are. A round of six drinks, including two spirits is around $25. Cheap! Of course there is a down side this, and we all staggered home up the hill at around 1 am.

It might be a late start tomorrow.

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