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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Queenstown to Derwent Bridge.

The ultimate Tasmanian ride.


Well I don't know if this was the best day's riding I've ever had, but if it wasn't, it was bloody close.

We kicked off the day with in a very leisurely breakfast in the warm sunshine at Strahan, then we rode East across across to Queenstown.

Jan and Mark making the most of the free cake samples
before breakfast.

It was a very enjoyable ride and we all had a bit of fun, but it was nothing compared to what we were about to do. The road out of Queenstown snaked it's way up the side of the hills and provided a great warm up for the rest of the ride which was unbelievable good.

Dave and Jan on the way up...

...Uncle D not far behind...

...followed by Mark...

...and Rexy.

The road out of Queenstown.

Then the serious fun began. We blasted along eighty five kilometres of perfect road. It's tight turns twisted left and right time and time again.

Part of the road skirted the huge Lake Burbury. It's amazing how many large water ways there are in Tasmania. 

The best news is that even riding as hard as we were, we weren't breaking the speed limit because the limit is 100 kph. It's a novel experience being able to hard and not worry about flashing blue and red lights in the mirrors.

The impressive Pirelli Scorpions after 85 kilometres of fun.
No chicken strips, and balled up tyres. Grin!

After a quick fuel stop and lunch break at the Wombat Cafe at Derwent Bridge, we took a look at "The Wall". This is a stunning carved wooden sculpture by artist Greg Duncan to commemorate the people who helped make Tasmania what it is today. Sadly there are no photographs allowed of the exhibition. If you're ever near here The Wall is well worth a visit. You can read more about it here:

The afternoon run was a bit more open and mostly made up of fast sweepers. There were some super good, tight bits along the river (the type where you see cars have taken out the railing beside the road) and it was fun, but nowhere near as much as the morning's race track road.

Rexy chasing me...

...while I chase Uncle D.

Funnily enough we made pretty good time along this stretch of road so our overnight stop was abandoned when we arrived early at Bridgewater. After a bit of discussion we decided we'd keep going at spend an extra night in Hobart instead. We rolled into Hobart with close to 300 ks under our wheels for the day, and they were 300 of the best ks I've ever ridden. I'm really liking Tasmania.

After we checked in to our hotel, we meandered down the main drag in North Hobart, and after stopping for a few drinks we settled on dinner at Taj Palace Indian restaurant. It was bloody terrific. The owner recommended the banquet, and the truck loads of food we devoured was tasty and very, very filling. We all ate too much, and did a pretty good job of clearing out his beer fridge as well.

This trip to Tasmania was planned around riding the great roads here, not the usual tourist attractions, and today we achieved this on a grand scale.

Can it get any better?

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