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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Port Pirie to Portland.


It was 6:30 am. Rex, Uncle G, and I were all fuelled up and ready to go. Where were the others? Not here that's for sure. After waiting another fifteen minutes we decided to start the day without them. We'll catch up somewhere later in the day.

It was bloody cold, in fact it was three degrees when we left Port Pirie, and dropped to one degree when we were on the open road. Throw in a bit of wind chill and it's freezing. Literally. Luckily after an hour or so, and a sun rise over the hills, the temperature climbed to around a bearable five degrees.

A couple of hours later we were battling Adelaide's peak hour, and admiring the beautiful, old, stone buildings they have there. The traffic and going nowhere fast. That was until I rationalised that If I'm on a motor "cycle" I should be able to use the cycle lane. That worked a treat and the three of us were soon filling our bikes and bellies just the other side of town.

Before we knew it we were enjoying the winding road through the Adelaide Hills and on our way again. Uncle G was keen to travel via Robe as he had heard it was a nice ride. There were no arguments from us so Robe it was. A right turn just after Tailem Bend had us riding south past some huge lakes and into Meningie.

Rex, me, and Uncle G outside an old church in Meningie that had been converted into a house, and it's for sale.

The lakes were truly enormous. Blurry photo courtesy of
on the move photography.

We followed the road into Kingston where we came upon this...

Yup! It's a giant lobster, but not just any giant lobster, this is "The Big Lobster"

Unfortunately the restaurant that Lenny, yes, that's his name, represents is now closed, so we had to settle for a pie from the bakery across the road. It was a very nice pie though.

Just as we finished lunch the rest of the crew rode into town. We were once again the six amigos.

We were now only a few hundred kilometres from the South Australian Victorian border, and hopefully some winding roads.

We're on Victorian soil, and guess what...'s raining!

I can hear all the Victorians now, "Oh you should have been here yesterday. It was a glorious day".

We found our way to Portland and rode straight to our stopover. Uncle D had once again done a great job with the accommodation and we had two very nice cabins between us. The boys decided that a BBQ was in order so copious amounts of  meat and delicious salad were devoured along with another carton of Coronas.

We're all pretty keen to see the road tomorrow as we'll hit The Great Ocean Road, and finish the day on Phillip Island.

Let the fun begin. 

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