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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Kalgoorlie to Eucla. A leisurely nine hundred kilometre ride. 


We had a few kilometres to cover, so after an early breakfast we twisted the throttles and left Kalgoorlie in a cloud of dust. We had to keep moving today if we were going to make Eucla before dark.

After about an hour we found this on the road...

This is a bucket off the back of a dump truck. Unfortunately it is just slightly wider that both lanes of the road, so we couldn't get past. It took a while, but eventually the truck moved over and let us past. The down side was that when he moved over the left, the left side wheels were in the gravel and created a HUGE red dust cloud that we had to ride through. Some of us were worried about not being able to see (a minor problem) while other were more concerned about their air filters. Me? Well I'm partial to being able to see where I'm going.

Speedy selfie. Check out the sky.

Our next stop was Norseman. They sky was looking threatening so the crew decided to don wet weather gear. It was here that Rex lost his Buff. A Buff is a neck warmer like a scarf, but a tube that slips over your head onto your neck. The last Buff Rex lost was left at our house and Suzanne purloined it for our European trip, so Rex is a little careful with his Buffs now. It was eventually found...around Rex's neck. With that out of the way we were on the road again, and it didn't rain.

We now had a quick 200 km ride to Balladonia. The road is that straight, and it's so barren on the sides, that I swear I could see the curvature of the earth. Here's a 360 degree look around on the road.

There's not much to see.

Further down the road I decided I'd stop and take a photo of Madura Pass. Here it is...

Madura Pass.

It's not very exciting is it? Well, I can tell you, after about 1,200 Km in a straight line, Madura Pass is bloody beautiful.

Once I had taken advantage of my photo opportunity I had to catch up with the gang. I rode pretty hard, and after a while I realised they may have stopped at Madura. Oh well, there's no point in turning back, so I knocked off the rest of the 900 Km day and rode on to Eucla.

As I rode into Eucla, I realised that my bike was making an unusual noise. It was louder that normal. After a quick check I discovered that an exhaust gasket had given up the ghost, and I had a bit of a problem. What can I do in the middle of Australia? I'm not sure how, but I'll sort it later.

While I was waiting for the boys to roll up I pondered what went on in my mind during that day. When you ride for hour after hour after hour, in a straight line, with nothing to look at, your brain does funny things. At one point I was thinking about the Dr Who movie I saw recently. That led to me thinking it was really good that they included Tom Baker (a previous Dr Who) in one scene, which led me to thinking about meeting the person responsible, telling him it was a nice touch, and saying thank you. I told you it was weird didn't I?

The boys took their time and cruised into Eucla just after sun set.

It had been a big day, and happily we managed to get to Eucla incident free.

Our accommodation in Eucla was a single room, for the six of us. There were four beds, and two fold-a-beds. I lucked out and ended up on a fold-a-bed with Uncle G next to me. It was a nervous nights sleep let me tell you.

Uncle G giving me a good night cuddle.

After a loooooong ride, a good feed, and a few drinks, it didn't take long for the room to go quiet after the lights went out...
...except for the snoring.

It's all good.

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