BMW R1200GSA vs Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX

Friday, 17 October 2014

Streaky Bay to Port Pirie.

We're nearly there.


The exhaust leak on my bike is getting worse. It's at the point now that I'm calling it a Moto Davidson. It sounds like a Harley, and is as noisey as one too. Now I'm not the sort of person who likes to ask favours, but something had to be done. I sent off a text message to Nathan from Moto Guzzi Australia to see if he could arrange for some gaskets to be posted to Phillip Island, or if he had another suggestion. A few minutes later it was sorted. Nathan will  be at the Island, and he'll bring the gaskets with him. Brilliant! Problem solved. Thanks mate.

We have an easy 500 kilometre ride to Port Pirie ahead of us today so we took advantage of a bit of extra time to have a wander around. Streaky Bay is a really nice little seaside town and I reckon if you wanted a very relaxing holiday Streaky would fill the bill nicely.

Rex and I wandered down to the town jetty and saw a couple of dolphins effortlessly gliding through the water. I think I want a pet dolphin. Am I allowed to do that?

 Uncle G practising his male model pose on the
Streaky Bay jetty.

The Streaky Bay Hotel (I wonder how they came up with that name?) home of great, cheap steaks.

In the service station they had a 5 meter, 1,500 kilo white pointer that was caught in the area in 1990.

Big isn't it? How big...

This big.

We decided against going for a swim and thought it was probably better to make our way toward Port Pirie.

Just a few more ks in a straight line.
This should change when we get into Victoria.

We had a quick lunch and refuel break in Kimba, and while we were there someone took advantage of my mate Rex's poor seating choice.

500 ks later we were looking for the caravan park in Port Pirie. We found it after a bit of running around, and with directions from a helpful police officer.

Our on site cabin was a little on the small side, and only had a double bed and four bunks. That's no big deal, I'll throw my sleeping mat on the floor and sleep there. Unfortunately Rex and Uncle G couldn't fit in the bunks, so Rexy made a few quick calls and organised a cottage for us just down the road.

Great little stone cottage.

This three bedroom cottage was fantastic, and reminded me of the house I grew up in as a kid. Not very big, but with incredibly high ceilings. I felt right at home. Some of the boys stayed at the park, while Uncle G, Rex, and I bunked down in the cottage, and enjoyed the best shower of the trip so far.

We enjoyed a few laughs over dinner with the new owners of the Family Hotel which was just around the corner. After a lot of talk about duck, racks of lamb, racks in general, and all sorts of other nonsense it was decided we should call it a night.

Tomorrow is another big day with around 900 ks to be covered. It was decided, after much discussion, that we would be "fuelled up and on the road" at 6:30 am.

I have a feeling it's going to be cold.