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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dave's guided tour of Tasmania's biking roads.


I woke up to the best alarm clock in the world this morning. A stunning sunrise accompanied by a chorus of Australian bush birds. What a wonderful start to the day.

Overlooking the Tomar River in Devoit
from Jan and Dave's balcony.

No one else was up so I sat quietly and took it all in. This would be a fantastic place to live.

This little Kookaburra dropped  in for a look,
but didn't give me a laugh at all.

There used to be a Kookaburra here that was obsessed with Jan. It used to fly around the outside of the house when Jan went from room to room, and stare at her through the windows. Jan did say it was a little unnerving when she was there alone.

Then I went for a little look around Jan's pride and joy, her garden.

After a discussion between the boys we all agreed, we would happily spend a week just sitting around here it's that nice.

To make the house perfect there's even a dog.
Meet Milly.

As much as we loved being at Jan and Dave's there were roads to explore and things to see, so we geared up and followed Dave on a run-down of Tasmania's best biking roads. Apart from a few patches of road works we had a real blast...oh, and there was some scenery along the way as well.

A quick stop at Port Sorell

Rare Australian bird life...a seagull.

We took a break in Moina for lunch, which consisted of a small portion of the mountain of food Jan prepared last night. Why do leftovers taste so good?

Our hosts and tour guides, Jan and Dave.

After lunch we had desert, more fast, sweeping roads through the Tassie forests.

We finished the day In Strahan with a BBQ lovingly prepared by Mark with more leftover salads from last night. This was of course washed down with a few beers, followed by some of Dave's home brew whiskey. A perfect finish to a brilliant day.

Mark tenderly caring for the BBQ.

So, to summarise the day, I saw a magnificent sunrise, rode my bike about 300 kilometres, on great roads, in perfect weather, with terrific company, eating good food, washed down with a few drinks. 

Does it get any better that this?

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