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Friday, 24 October 2014

From one island to another.

Phillip Island to Tasmania.


Today was a pretty relaxing day. All we had to do was pack up and be in Melbourne by five o'clock to catch the ferry to Tasmania. After a
 lazy breakfast everyone started fighting to pack all their gear back into their luggage on the bikes. It seems that once you unpack everything expands and won’t fit back where it came from.

Once that was out of the way we gave our house a quick clean and vacuum and it was time to leave the Island.

Uncle G had some commitments back home so he was off to Melbourne to drop his bike at the freight depot, then on to the airport to fly home. Rex and I rode toward Melbourne together, Rex to go into Melbourne to buy some more suitable (read warmer) riding gear for Tasmania’s varying weather conditions, and me to drop in for a quick visit with my in-laws. The rest of the crew had nothing to do so they just headed in the general direction of Melbourne.

I’ve always said I’m so lucky as I have the best in-laws in the world. It was really good to see them, and we had a surprise visit from my brother-in-law John as well. Clive and Marie have just moved into a retirement community and this was my first visit to their new home.

Wow! What a great place. There is everything you could want there and it’s in a great location. I’d move there today if I had the chance. Marie whipped up some lunch and we enjoyed a coffee with some of her renowned shortbread. Before I knew it a couple of hours had flown by and as I had a date with a ferry to Tasmania it was time to leave. It was great to catch up, even if it was so briefly. See you when I get back to Melbourne guys.

A quick ride into Melbourne had me hooking up with the rest of our crew at a pub across the road from the ferry terminal. 

A quick beer was in order prior to boarding the ferry.

It was now hurry up and wait time for the couple of hundred motorcyclists waiting to board. Queue up at quarantine, then again to get a boarding pass, then to ride onto the ferry.

Waiting to ride up the on ramp...

...and here we are.

Once our wheels were on deck the crew did a great job of tying the bikes down. Three of the boys headed off to find their cabin while Mark and I took the cheaper option of recliner seats for the night. Then it was off to the bar, um, I mean dinner, and it wasn’t a bad feed. After a few quiet drinks and lots of talk about the weekend's racing we called it a night.

I grabbed my blanket and pillow and hit my recliner. The rolling of the ferry was very soothing and was asleep in no time... dreaming about Tasmania's winding roads. Zzzzz.

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