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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Phillip Island, Day 1. Practice for the riders, and a first taste for the boys.


The boys headed off to the track this morning as it was the first Moto GP for most of them. I've been to quite a few GPs, and as it's only practice today so I decided to stay home and do some domestic duties like washing. It also gave me an opportunity to catch up on this blog.

I wandered into town in the very pleasant afternoon sun and poked around in a couple of second hand shops. It's one of my favourites pass times, you never know what you might find. There was quite a bit of Moto GP stuff that I would have liked, but carrying it on the bike just wasn't feasible. Then I saw this...

It's the bear from the big blue house, one of my daughter Paige's favourite TV shows when she was a kid. When I found out he sings, and he dances, I had to have him. He will now be travelling to Tasmania and back across the Nullabour with me before he goes to live at Paige's house.

The boys came back in the afternoon with eyes wide open and talking about how fast the bikes were. Watching the bikes on TV just doesn't give you any perception of how fast they really are. You hear 340 kilometres per hour, but until you're standing by the side of the track, and you see the bikes go past, you just can't comprehend how fast they are. It's mind boggling.

Once again it was time to eat so we had a brisk walk into Cowes. It's amazing who you bump into and we caught up with mates we haven't seen for ages.

The main drag. No cars, just bikes.

One of Cowes top spots, Pinos.

Rex chatting with a couple of old friends we caught up with,
Jay and Mal.

After taking in the sights, and devouring a burger, we were off home for an early night.

Tomorrow is a full day at the track, the it will be into Cowes for a huge Saturday night. The place goes off on Saturday night with a huge crowd and all sorts of fun and frivolity. It's a highlight of the weekend.

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