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Monday, 4 February 2013

Malaga, day three. Everywhere we go in Spain we stay longer than planned.


Our first stop today was El Corte Ingles, a huge department store. When I say huge, I mean huge. It covers nine levels! One floor is a supermarket, one floor has a motorcycle & scooter shop (yes, a motorcycle shop), there are a couple of restaurants, and a Post Office.

Oh yes, they sell Desigual, and they were having a sale. We had to have a look didn't we?

Not much from the outside.

Fifth floor, toys, sporting goods, motorcycles, scooters.

Really cool little Spanish, liquid cooled, 50 cc.
Only 2,500 euros. I want one.

The same thing from Yamaha. It doesn't look like Spanish Yamaha dealers are required to carry as much stock as our Aussie dealers. Hmm.

They had a large range of Yamaha / Peugeot / Spanish 50 cc trail bikes along with a lot of scooters. It just looked strange having a range of motorcycles in a department store.

Once I'd finished my tyre kicking we left and found a little cafe for lunch where we met Oliver. Oliver is a Harley rider and worked very hard at the cafe. We enjoyed another two course lunch (we skipped desert) for a paultry 8.50.

De Sal cafe - very nice.

Across from the cafe. I could cope with living up there.

As we left the cafe I thought I heard a cockatoo squawk. This is what we found

Say hello to Ophelia, the McCaw.

She managed to get one of her claws in  my mouth at one stage. I had fun trying to get it out.

She enjoyed her hand full of seed.

Ophelia loved her dad, Rade.
Thanks for letting me hold Ophelia mate.

She's a big girl for only eighteen months old.

Ophelia had a habit of "holding" your finger in her beak. Sometimes she held it firmly. She held Suzanne's finger very firmly, but Suzanne has recovered now. Mc Caws are stunning birds. My birthday is in April if any  one has a spare $8000 AUD to spend.

Then it was onto the Picasso Museum. I have to admit that I've never been a big fan of Picasso, but after visiting the museum I'm a convert. I still don't really like his abstract stuff, but he could actually paint and did some exceptional work before he started painting odd stuff. Good on you Pablo.

Here's something we found outside a souvenir shop. It's a mini post box. They are everywhere around town here.

On our way back to the hotel we encountered our first real rip off. There were girls on the street handing out leaflets for a free Tapa with a drink. So we went in. The Tapa was tiny. So tiny in fact that Suzanne complained, so they gave us another. No problem there. Then we got the bill. 7.90 for two drinks! Thieving bastards, and Suzanne told them so.

We decided to dine in our room tonight so a visit to the supermarket to stock up was required. Suzanne's bottled water was only forty five cents for two litres, so I treated myself to a cheap bottle of red...

Only 1,081  euros (about $1,300 AUD). Check out the brand. Pingus. It was meant to be. It was very nice. AS IF!

There are a few more things we want to see in Malaga but as we'll be back next weekend, we'll check them out then. Tomorrow well head off to Granada. I think we'll take the back roads again.

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