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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

La Linea de la Concepcion exploration.


We rolled out of our room into nice warm sunshine and headed off to explore.

Local church.

The rock, from Spain.

 We bumped into a couple of Poms who were conducting a recce as they had gotten lost last night on their way home from a bar. I suggested that the alcohol was probably the cause and that a recce wouldn't really help.They agreed.

It always seems to be time to eat here. A quick lunch of mini rolls and an orange juice and we were back on the discovery trail.

We found ourselves back near the cafe we stopped in last night and decided to say thanks to the owner for the good tip on a hotel. Jesus was the owner and is a really nice guy so we stayed and had a drink. There were three other guys in the bar, and they were obviously poms. It turned out that they were from Yorkshire, many, many, years ago. After a bit of friendly banter we introduced ourselves to Tony, Peter, and Steven. As the evening progressed we had a few laughs. Quite a few.

La jarra helada is the name of the cafe / bar.
The literal translation is Icy Pitcher.
This beer was so cold it had ice on top. Perfect.

The boys. Peter , Steven, Tony, and I,
enjoying another pint.

Super cold beer tap with Jesus in the background.

I was told that there is F1 testing being conducted at at Jerez next week. It's only about an hour from where we are so we might try and fit in a day trip if we can.

A poor guy walked past with his dog, who looked like our Dakoda, and Suzanne was all over the dog. It didn't stand a chance, but judging by the amount of licking it didn't mind too much.

Happy dog, happy Suzanne.

Lots of licks for Suzanne.

Then a young Spanish lady, Maria, walked into the bar. We guessed she was about eighty years old. She was dressed to the nines, complete with stilettos. What a crack up. She spoke English pretty well and started telling us dirty jokes. The more she told, the faster she spoke, and the harder she was to understand. It was hilarious.

Maria telling jokes with the boys.
She made us blush.

Check out those heels,
complete with walking stick.

Eventually we had to let Jesus go home and we all wandered off into the night. Now remember early in today's blog I told you about the two poms who had gotten lost the night before? Well, we got lost. So lost that we had to ask for directions back to the hotel. D'oh!

We had planned to visit Gibraltar tomorrow, but as it's a Sunday the Government offices will be closed. We want to try and find out about Suzanne's Great Grandfather who served here during the war, so we'll stay another night and head over on Monday morning.

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