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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Malaga, a nice quiet day in town.

Thursday 7/2/13

Quite rightfully, Suzanne demanded a day off today, and after yesterday's big "boy" day, I reckon she deserved it. We had a bit of a sleep in the we spent some time planning our Morocco trip. Looking at ferries, hotels, where to go and so on. It's surprising how much time this takes up.

Then we went back to De Sal for lunch but unfortunately Oliver wasn't there today. The food was still good though. We followed up with a casual wander around town and a little window shopping.

Malaga Market. Lots of yummy stuff.

Free motorcycle and scooter parking is EVERYWHERE.
Are you listening City of Perth?

Once our mini sightseeing tour was over we strolled back to the hotel and prepared to eat again. We had dinner at the restaurant next door to the hotel, which was OK, but not fantastic. I think I've been spoilt in our dining now and expect the best meal every time.

The bottom line is that we had a pretty relaxed day. I suppose this is the sort of holiday "normal" people have. It's OK I guess, but cliff top mountain roads, riding through snow, dirt tracks, river crossings and the like are much more fun. I think it's time to arc things up again after the weekend...

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