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Monday, 18 February 2013

Malaga, for another day. 

Wednesday 13/2/13

We had a very quiet day today. The plan today was to jump on the ferry, sail to Melilla, which is a Spanish territory in Africa a hundred kilometres from the Algerian border, and high tail it to Fez in Morocco.

It was a great plan, but...

...I messed up the ferry booking and booked for tomorrow, not today. It's the second time I've done this on this trip. I check the date on the computer without thinking, and it's set on Perth time so sometimes the next day's date is showing when I look at it. D'oh! To top things off we had to leave our hotel because it was booked out for the night.

It worked out OK though. We had a few things to sort out before we left Malaga, and having an extra day up our sleeve didn't hurt. With most of the admin stuff taken care of, it was time for our last walk around Malaga.

We met a very young puppy early in the day who was very, very well loved by it's owners.

 "Play with me."

 "A bit to the left."

 "Put me down. It's too high up here."

"I'm savage."

We checked into another , then headed back into town for dinner at the cafe we went to a few nights ago with Pat and Daniel. Once again it was very nice.

Not a bad little feed.
Gambo el Pil Pil on the right.

We found a Flamenco dance shop.
Suzanne was excited.

With the changes in our plans, we'll board the ferry at one pm tomorrow and spend tomorrow night in Melilla before heading off to Fez and sampling our first real taste of Morocco.

We're looking froward to that.  

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