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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Malaga, It's Carnival time.

Saturday 9/2/13

We strolled down the road to Pat and Daniel's place where Suzanne broke the drought and painted Pat for carnival. Once that was done we walked into Constitution Square to watch the festivities.

Suzanne and Pat.

Daniel, Pat, Suzanne and I ready to party,
Malaga Carnival style.

Just about everyone in town gets into the swing of things, dressing up in fancy dress. There are bands, singers, and entertainers everywhere. The place goes off. I love that fact that it's a real family thing too. Suzanne and I have worked out that the kids must have a sleep after school in the afternoon, because they're all out having fun til midnight during the week. It means the parents retain their regular social life, and the kids get to enjoy everything as well.

A tiny part of the huge crowd.

We made out way through the crowds and took up our vantage point for the drag queen competition. Now I like cars, and drag racing is cool. If there are girls driving the drag cars that's even better.

What? That's not what it is. Ohhhhh. It's a bunch of guys dressed up as girls dancing. 

Seriously, these guys were fantastic. It was more like a costume show than a drag queen show. Some of these guys could really dance as well. I snapped a few photos, but as usual the battery went flat on the camera.

Hmm, I think that might be a boy!

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert comes to mind.

I'd like an outfit like this,
but I don't know where I'd put it on the bike.

Our favourite didn't win, and I didn't get a photo, but his costume was by far the best, and he danced better than everyone else as well. Daniel and I might have a go next year. What do you say Daniel?

After the show we found a nice little restaurant and sampled some more Spanish specialities  This time it was Gambos el Pil Pil. Prawns, with white wine, olive oil, garlic, and chilli. This is another dish that will be a regular when we get home.

Standard tourist shot. Me, with Suzanne, Pat, and Daniel.
What a fun night.

We had a great night. Daniel is really cool and has a good sense of humour. Pat is little and cute and I reckon she would make a great squeaky toy for our dog Vader. She's small enough for him to carry around.

Thanks again Daniel, and Pat. We really enjoyed meeting you and you made our time in Malaga even better. We hope we can return the favour in Australia one day.

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