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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sunshine and Salsa Sunday in La Linea de la Concepcion.

Sunday 3/2/13

We plan to visit some government offices in Gibraltar to do  a bit of research on Suzanne's Great Grandfather who served on the rock during the war. As today is Sunday there is no point going. We just had a stroll around La Linea, relaxed, and enjoyed the sunshine.

For lunch we decided to try a Patagoinian restaurant, Hacienda Patagonica, recommended by the pommy boys yesterday. It was fantastic and we both enjoyed a huge plate of barbecued meat. As much as we love ham and cheese, this was a nice change and tasted great.

You have no idea how good this was.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and tried to have a siesta, but there was a crazy Spanish family celebrating a birthday in the apartment across the road from our hotel. It was very, very loud, with lots of laughter, and they were obviously having a great time. It just made us laugh, a lot. I suggested we gate crash but Suzanne thought it was a bad idea.

After a pretty ordinary Tapas dinner (our first bad one) we felt a little flat and needed some action. Then I heard some music. We followed the sound to a little bar and discovered it was coming from a salsa dance club. Wow, could these guys and girls dance. We sat back and enjoyed a couple of very large drinks and watched the dancers.

It doesn't look that impressive, but the place was jumping.

Dancin' the night away.

Then at ten o'clock, the place emptied. I don't know if it was closing, or everyone had to go to work in the morning, or what, but within five minutes the dance crowd was gone and there were only about four of us sitting there. Oh well, it was a fun night anyway and finished of the day nicely.

Gibraltar and some family history hunting is on the schedule for tomorrow. What will we discover?

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