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Monday, 11 February 2013

Malaga, Spain. We check out the Port area.

Friday 8/2/13

We must be getting (or have gotten) old. We're still very tired, and we're not suffering "altitude sickness" either. I spent most of the morning downloading photos and writing the odd email to insurance companies, lawyers, and government departments. Just because you run away from home, it doesn't mean the paperwork stops.

I also took advantage of our slow day to get Suzanne to give me a hair cut. She also trimmed my eyebrows because they were fluttering in my eyes when I rode fast, another sure sign of age keeping up on me. 

When we headed out we walked down to the port area and had a bit of a sticky beak around. Check out this spiky tree we found...

We don't know if this is a parasite, or it's a normal tree?

We found a nice restaurant, El Palmeral, and sat down for lunch. We should have known better that to eat in a tourist trap like the port area. The food portions were tiny, and quite expensive. The service was almost non existent and we had to wait ages for the bill. When we finally did get it, it was about double what it should have been, and that took ages to fix. We won't be rushing back.

Steer clear of this one. It was our first bad restaurant.

I did see a couple of penguins though.
Suzanne reckons I need new glasses for some reason.

Keeping the sun off my new number one haircut (bald head).

Then I mucked around in the fountains for a while.
Makes a change to the time on the bike.

We wandered a little further and Suzanne spotted a churros and chocolate sign. Well, we were still hungry. The restaurant was called Kaleido and it couldn't have been any more different to the previous one. The waiter was happy, friendly  courteous, and efficient. We had our churros minutes after ordering, and they were perfect. Happy customers, and we'll go back when we go down to catch the ferry to Morocco.

As if we needed another reason to like Spain.
Churros and hot chocolate.

After a bit more exercise to work of the churros we turned back for home...and found...a Gin & Tonic bar! We had to, didn't we?

I'll bet a lot of thought went into the name for this bar.

Choose your gin then...

...choose your goodies to flavour it.

We let the girl behind the bar choose for us and ended up with a slice of orange and juniper berries. I can't see the point in putting juniper berries in gin myself. This little bar was very popular. It was Friday after noon and packed with the after work crowd.

For dinner we didn't want to walk far so we decided to try a little Italian restaurant that is only about forty metres from the hotel. What a find. The food was fantastic, there was lots of it, and it was inexpensive. To paraphrase Arnie "We'll be back".

And we will be.

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