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Monday, 6 August 2012

Time to reconsider our logistics.


We've been pushing it most days so far this trip, and it's just not working for us. This is supposed to be a holiday but we've been working flat out getting to events and places we have booked. Europe is small, but it's not that small. Don't get me wrong, we've been having a great time. Our experiences will stay with us for ever, and the events we've been to have been brilliant, but we need to get back to our original plan which was:

Step 1: Go for a ride somewhere.
Step 2: If we like it, stay for a while, maybe a week.
Step 3: Repeat.

Over breakfast today we have decided that we will implement the above immediately. We'll have today off and stay here another night. We've also decided that when we get back to the UK we will fly to Rome to hook up with our cruise and our Ukrainian side trip, then fly back to the UK to continue our trip on the bike. That will mean we're not rushing back to Rome on the bike to meet the ship. More fun, and a lot safer. Once we're back on the bike we plan to ride back through Italy, hop a ferry over to Greece and continue our exploration from there, in our own time, unless we come up with a better or different plan.

Today we had a very casual day. A bit of walking on the beach. A bit of sleeping. A bit of eating. A bit of drinking. Dinner was the highlight for me. We found a nice little out of the way eatery. Suzanne wanted a large salad, with a few extras in it. Easy. She got the menu, pointed to the salad, and made hand gestures that she wanted a large salad. No problem so far. Then she wanted extras, so she started pointing at the ingredients on the pizza menu. Mushrooms, olives, potato. You can see where this is going can't you? Out came Suzanne's dinner. One large standard salad, and one large mushroom, olive, and potato chip pizza. I didn't laugh, much.

With our renewed plan, tomorrow we will ride towards London. What will we see on the way? Where we will spend the night? Who knows? 

Where's Rex's Buff?

This is the lovely Yelena. I'm sure all the girls at the Horizons Unlimited meeting hated her. After travelling for days on the bike, and three days camping, Yelena walked into breakfast looking like she'd just had a makeover and been to a hairdresser. You're a lucky man Stephen.

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