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Friday, 24 August 2012

Special delivery, and a visit to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford.


I was on the bike at 9 am and had Barbara's nighty safely tucked away in my pannier. It's good to get out and have a solo ride every now and then. I can have a bit more fun...

The ride down was a little boring mainly because it was on Motorways most of the way. On the plus side I did pass Snetterton race circuit, home of a very large toy and model shop, and the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. That's two stops booked for the return trip. This is going to be a real boy's day.

After I dropped Barbara's special delivery off I headed back to the toy shop. It was huge and had everything you could possible want if you were into toys and models. After a Coke and a Kit Kat I was back on the road. I explored a few back roads and found some great old buildings along the way. They were old, but they were very well maintained.

After about an hour on the road I rode into the car park at the Imperial War Museum. As I took my helmet off I saw a Spitfire take off, perform two loops straight from take off, then fly off into the distance. I was awestruck. To see a Spitfire in the air was one thing, but to see it performing loops was another thing altogether. It all happened so quickly that I didn't even have time to change the lens on my camera to get a decent photo. 

Then I went inside. It was boy toy heaven. I was now very happy Suzanne didn't come with me as she would have been bored stiff. The displays here are just amazing. The aircraft that fly are all personally owned, so they are not part of the museum. I was just lucky enough to be there the day the Spitfire went up.

An operational Spitfire.

I'm not an aircraft buff so I'll just post some photos of some of the planes I liked.

There were thousands of these in the air over England during the war. This old bird is still flying. I think it's a B-17.
A static Hawker Hurricane. My favourite.
This would look great in my back yard.

One photo for the losers.

I have a heap more photos on my Facebook page. You don't need to be a friend to go and have a look at the album so if your interested go and have a peek.

After a few more back roads I pointed the front wheel toward home and pulled into the driveway at about 6 pm. it was a full and very enjoyable day. 

We finished off nicely with a Sunday roast at the Gardner's Arms pub around the corner. Another great day.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Angela is a bit shy I guess.
She was one of the gang at Austria as well.

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