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Saturday, 18 August 2012

The quest for Kinder Pinguis continues.
Like the Aussie Olympic competitors, I won't give up!


I want Kinder Pinguis! 

It's becoming an obsession. Why can't I find them anywhere? 

I searched the web and found a mail order grocery service that sells them, but I have to order seventy quids worth to get it delivered. I don't really want seventy quids worth of Pinguis, and I don't need any other groceries. Somebody help me, please...I went out today and visited another supermarket and came away empty handed.



After that I went to a camping shop and bought a Camelbak. For those of you that don't know, a Camelbak is a water bladder inside an insulated bag that holds two or three litres of water. You can carry it on your  back like a back pack and it has a hose connected so you can suck water out of it any time you get thirsty. I've got this so I can mount it on the bike and we can get rid of the water bottles in the tank bag. Now we can drink on the go. This should give us a better range between stops. The only problem I can see is stopping Suzanne from filling it with gin and tonic.

I also picked up a syphon hose so I can syphon fuel out of the tank on the bike and fill the fuel bottle for the stove. Up til now my methods have been bit hit and miss. Even stealing a section of garden hose in Slovenia didn't work. It was too short.

With my shopping expedition out of the way I headed home (The Oliver's) and managed to focus long enough to book our flights to Rome so we can get on the cruise. When that was out of the way we sat down to a sumptuous BBQ dinner. Julie's dad Stan showed up as well. Stan is a feeble, ageing, 85 year old, pensioner. Ha! Not bloody likely! Stan is as fit and a fiddle and  lives life to the full. I wish I was as fit as he is, and he's got thirty plus years on me. I've passed on a few phone numbers for you single girls in Perth. You know who you are.

What a fantastic bunch of people. Brian, Julie, Louise, some old bloke, and Stan. It was a pleasure meeting you Stan and I hope I'm just like you when I grow up.

At the end of the BBQ the dog thieves struck. Poppy and Callie hit the kitchen bench, the rubbish bin, the BBQ, and the out door table in a coordinated attack to steal what ever they could. I'll give them their due, they didn't give up. Take one thing away from them and they'd go straight back and grab something else. It was very funny watching the carry on.

Partners in crime. Callie and Poppy.
They wouldn't do anything wrong would they?

We finished off the BBQ and were talking to Louise. We found out she had a video on You Tube that she had put together for her Media Studies course. Of course we had to have a look. Take a look and see what you think...

Not bad for a bunch of 17 year olds with mediocre equipment eh?

We finished off the night watching the closing ceremony for the Olympics, and what a ceremony it was. No gimmicks, no outrageous fireworks, no fluff, just a genuinely fun and entertaining presentation by some truly talented artists. I loved it.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Jo taking Rex's Buff to places it's never been.

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