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Friday, 31 August 2012

Now we're off to Barry, near Cardiff in Wales, to learn how to dance the bump.


Today we are heading into Cardiff to catch up with Leigh and his wife Annmarie. I met Leigh at the Isle of Man TT, then the four if us went to the Dutch Moto GP together and spent a few days with a bunch of mad Dutchmen, but that's another story. (You can read about it in an earlier blog).

We left Saint David's about midday, avoiding the ford and taking the normal road out. After about an hour of fun roads we dropped onto the Motorway and picked up the pace. We stopped for lunch about three and found an outlet shopping mall across the road. Suzanne and I recently found out that we will need some formal clothes, read suit and evening gown, for some dinners on the cruise. So we both need to go shopping. About an hour later we left with a few items, but not enough. Oh oh, you know what that means.

When we arrived at Leigh and Annmarie's, which is actually in Barry, we were given a wonderful welcome by Floyd and Leo, and made to feel very special. Yes, they have two dogs. Floyd and Leo were very happy to see us. Leigh and Annmarie were happy as well I think.

My new mates. Floyd in my lap, and Leo on the floor.

Leo is a BIG boy, but very gentle.

Check out the size of Leo's paw, and he's only two.

After meeting the boys we were shown to our room. These guys have recently converted their loft into another bedroom, complete with en-suite. It was fantastic and very comfortable. It also provided comic relief when Suzanne went to the toilet. Every time she went I would hear a bump, followed by "Ouch!" as she hit her head on the ceiling. Ah, she's a laugh a minute.

We had a few beers then a couple of friends, Rhona and Terry arrived for dinner. It was a very funny night and at one point Annmarie and Rhona provided and impromptu "Bump" dance demonstration.

The girls "Doin' the bump".

It was a great way to finish off the day. Good friends, a few drinks, and a great feed. We were very happy that we were booked into the Hotel Jackson for a few nights.


The next day was spent catching up on stuff, then Leigh and I went out on the bikes in the afternoon for a short ride. This part of Wales is different to the North, but just as beautiful. There just doesn't seem to be anything here not to like.

We scuttled our plans of going out for dinner and Leigh and I headed off to the local for a few pints. The girls took care of the cooking by ordering Chinese and they did a fantastic job. No one can order food over the phone like Suzanne, she's an expert.

Tomorrow we should be able to squeeze in a ride somewhere special.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Erica (another painty person who Suzanne has idolised for years)
gives the buff some attention.

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