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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dogs, lollies, chocolate, and gulls. 
Calais day two.


We were both dog tired and slept in. It was so late we almost missed breakfast. Oh no!

My breakfast kiddy plate. I didn't see the grown up's plates. Honest.

After a late breakfast we went for a stroll down to the port area, stopping at a few shops along the way.

I got a bit homesick here. It made me think of Fremantle.

We were hungry and decided it was time to have lunch. Suzanne said as long as it's not Pizza. We haven't eaten much Pizza, but EVERYWHERE we go we see Pizza signs and Pizza shops. We walked around the corner and look what we found;

No, we didn't.

We found a small bar close to the hotel that served cheap food in large quantities. That's what we wanted. We discovered that it was five pm, so this would be dinner not lunch. As we sat there an organised motorcycle tour rolled up and checked into the Mercure hotel across the road. There were about twenty of them and I wondered how hard it would be to control twenty riders of different skill levels, and who didn't ride together or even know each other. I reckon it would be a nightmare. It was also interesting to see that only one rider had dark hair. Everyone else was grey. It still beats a bus tour.

It was time to check out the Town Hall and parks we saw on the way in yesterday. We met a few four legged friends on the way.

Introducing Hermes. As I said on Facebook: "One of these is
all grey and wrinkly with floppy jowls. The other is a dog."
Hermes is only three months old and is far and away the best behaved puppy I've ever met. He sat in the doorway of his owners shop and didn't go outside. We had a bit of a play then said goodbye. I reckon he'd fit in one of the panniers if we got rid of Suzanne's shoes.

Then it was down to the Town Hall. Check this out.

Outside the town hall there was an art installation. There were giant lollies (sweets, candies, depends where you come from) painted in the EEC country's flag colours. These looked stunning in the sunlight because they had a metallic fleck through the paint as well. Sweeeeeeeet!

One for my Pommy friends who are watching the Olympics.

The gardens were some of the nicest I've seen. This is what I want my front garden to look like, but the garden fairy hasn't been. Maybe Paige will do this while we are away.

Then we met Sunny.

Poor Sunny didn't know what to do. She had a beef chew that she didn't want us to have, but she wanted to play. Life is full of difficult decisions, even if you are a small dog.

Then it was off to the park across the road. Lot's of big trees, a huge kid's play area, an open area where people were playing Bocce, and lots of open grassed areas. And a little fountain in the middle.

They do fountains and statues so well over here.

It was time to call it a day and head back to the hotel. We stopped at a supermarket for some supplies. A bottle of gin, ten Euros, a large bottle of tonic, 80 cents. That's cheaper than one drink in Switzerland! That along with a few food products should see us through the night. I'm still scouring he shops for Kinder Pinguis (That's Pingui, not Pingu as I've been writing) but with no luck. I tried another Kinder chocolate, but it's not a patch on my Pinguis. I am sad.

Calais is an odd place. Parts of it are truly beautiful, but then other parts are pretty grotty. The redevelopment of the port area looks like it will bring a new lease of life to the place and should be stunning.

So back to the hotel we went.

The seagulls here are giants. 

OK mums, who remembers this?
"Muuuuummmmm, I'mmmmm huuuungryyyyy".

Suzanne! Feed me now!

Suzanne has been trying to coax one onto our window sill with food, but it's stayed well away. Suzanne went to the bathroom and the bloody thing landed on the sill. I called her quietly as I reached for the camera, but when she opened the bathroom door the gull flew away. I think the plan may have been to get one to come into the room. Maybe it's lucky that didn't happen.

Next stop, Dover, United Kingdom.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Meet Louise. Louise is a little shy.

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