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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Is this an episode of Yes Minister?


OK, plan B. We had intended leaving Essex today and riding north to catch up with Jo, another painty friend, and a have a little fun. (Knowing Jo, it would be lots of fun). The day before we'd been to the doctor and gotten a prescription for Suzanne's medication. Everything was progressing according to plan. That was until...

"I'm sorry madam, I can't give you this medication because the prescription is written on the wrong form. It's a controlled drug and the prescription needs to be on the pink form, not the green form" (in an Indian accent). We've purchased these before without any problems. I felt like an extra in the TV series Yes Minister. To be fair the pharmacist had only qualified ten days ago. It was his first week in his first job and he was sticking to the rules. I can't blame him for that.

We found another chemist down the road who was happy to accept Suzanne's illegal paperwork and ply her with drugs, but they didn't have any in stock. We have to hang around until Monday to pick them up.

On the plus side we got to catch up with Emma, Brian and Julie's older daughter. Emma has been working on the broadcast team for the Olympics and has been flat out for the last couple of weeks. She's just out of college and must be doing something right because a Canadian TV station have asked her to go to Canada and work for them. How good is that?

Suzanne also took advantage of the day to "get her hair done". Those for words strike fer into the hearts of mortal men. The only thing worse is "What do you think of my new hair style?" So for the price of a new back tyre Suzanne has a new hair style / colour / shape / smell / design. What do you think?

So, what would you rather have? This...

...or one of these? Please comment.

Plan B is to now leave Essex on Monday and head north. Hopefully we'll get there.

Where's Rex's buff?

Carla Jane sexing it up for Rexy's buff.

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  1. I'd choose the hairdo, it looks great Sis :) Jen xxx