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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Face painting jams.


After the big night before Suzanne and I enjoyed a long sleep in, then caught up with some face painters at a jam Carla had organised at the local rugby club hall. Organising a jam the day after a night out for your birthday is not a good idea. We didn't get here til about Some others didn't even show up at all. 

It's always good to go to a jam and see what other people are painting. We found one painter who was painting names on arms. Simple enough, but we'd never seen it done like this before. It looked really good and I'll bet Aussie painters will be practising this after they read this blog.


Today was another jam, this time at Carla's house. It was pretty hot, or so the poms reckoned. It was about thirty degrees. : )  One of the girls bought along a marquee for shade and the girls were into it. Luckily I found a programme about Jimi Hendrix on Sky TV so that kept me occupied for the afternoon.

Carla's mum Barbara was of with her friend Phil for a week by the seaside in Hemsby so we said our good byes. At about 10 pm Barbara phoned to say she had left a bag of things behind, including her nighty. Yes, sure Barbara, you "forgot" your nighty.  Being a gentleman I offered to run the bag of goodies down in the morning for Barbara. Any excuse for a ride.

So tomorrow it's off to Hemsby.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Tom's mum Lisa gets into the swing of things at Carla and Tom's birthday dinner.

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