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Monday, 20 August 2012

Yes Minister - Episode two.


The Yes Minister type drama continued today. Chemist number two decided that after waiting for Suzanne's medication to arrive, he couldn't supply it because...yes, you guessed it, the prescription wasn't on a pink form. Suzanne has now gone four days without this medication because of bureaucracy. I went back to the medical centre and picked up another prescription for something different and got it from the chemist immediately. I hope it works.

We're not avoiding you Jo. I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy to keep us away though. I know you're busy for a while now so we're planning on heading up to you around the end of August if that's OK. Maybe we could help with some of the Wolfe jam preparations.


We finally got mobile and our target in just north of London. A place called Hitchin. Thank you Oliver family, we really appreciate you putting up with us and looking after us while we were there. Good luck with the project. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Our friend Carla Jane drove down, picked up our suitcases and Suzanne, (I'm sure there's a line about picking up bags there, but I'm not that brave) and we were off to Hitchin for a few days. It was good to catch up with Carla and Barbara, Carla's mum. We did a bit of food shopping and planned an early night. It was never going to happen and we called it quits a bit after midnight. 


Tomorrow is Carla's birthday and we needed to get her a present. The biggest shopping area near us was Stevenage, so off we went. That was an experience. I think Stevenage must have the youngest average age mums on the planet. These kids were about seventeen years old, pregnant, pushing a pram with a baby, and with a toddler in tow. I'm also guessing that the welfare system gets a thorough going over here too. Anyway, we got our gift buying done and headed back to Hitchin.

We had to go food (read drinks) shopping again and picked up Carla's friend Tom afterwards. Tom's birthday is the same day as Carla's so it will be a double celebration. Tom is a total crack up so whenever he's around there is bound to be some fun. It was another midnight finish with lots of laughter.

Tomorrow it's off to Southend on Sea and then Carla and Tom's birthday dinner.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Carla's mum Barbara. She's a good sport.

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