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Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy twenty second wedding anniversary to us.


Today is our twenty second wedding anniversary. To me it feels like no time at all since I squeezed my fingers together tightly making it hard for Suzanne to put my ring on, but I'm thinking it feels like a hundred years too Suzanne. She puts up with a lot.

After a sleep in we had breakfast downstairs at the hotel. A croissant, orange juice, and a coffee / tea and we were ready to go. It was about ten when we walked over to the square in the bright sun shine and it was nearly empty. Most of the shops were still closed as well, but some were opening. I sat and enjoyed a coffee while Suzanne went back to the hotel to put on her boots and jacket because she was freezing. Suzanne has been wearing her motorcycle boots everywhere since we came across cold weather. She loves wearing them, they are comfy and warm. Fashionable . .  hmm maybe not. But she doesn't care. I reckon next year they will have caught on and be all the rage in Europe.

When Suzanne returned we did a little shopping. We spied something in a window last night that our daughter Paige would like, so that was the first stop. job done. (No Paige, it's not a pair of shoes). I really needed something a bit warmer to wear. My windcheater was destroyed by flying embers at the Dutch TT in June, and I hadn't replaced it. I finally weakened today and bought a puffy vest. Yes, I lowered myself to purchase one, and now I love it. It's so warm it's like wearing a sleeping bag. 

All of a sudden we were hungry again. Where else would we have lunch but in the Plaza? We chose one of the restaurants that had seating outside in the sun and ordered a mixed Paella, and, a bottle of wine. The Paella was one of the nicest I've had. Yum.

Sunshine, sustenance, sips, and Suzanne.

The town was very crowded from about eleven til two, then it was almost deserted. We went for a wander around and almost had the place to ourselves. Salamanca is an interesting place.

The architecture is stunning.

It was about here that the camera battery went flat.

Today is the day Spain holds parades welcoming the Three Kings. A huge parade called Cabalagata de los Reyos Maygos makes it's way through the streets and around the Plaza. Like most parades there are floats, bands, and lots of costumes. This parade goes one step further with the float occupants throwing lollies out to the kids in the crowd. As you can imagine it's very popular with the kids. The next day, January 6th, is celebrated like Christmas day complete with gift giving. we were lucky enough to be here for the parade.

Suzanne shopping for an anniversary present before the parade. 
Good luck girl.

There was a huge turnout.

I obviously need a bit more practice with the new camera.

Every parade needs a brass band...

...and lots of floats.

It was a lot of fun and the kids obviously enjoyed themselves, some ending up with big bags full of lollies.

Once the parade was over we fought our way through the massive crowd and managed to get upstairs to the restaurant we visited last night. I really didn't think we'd get a table, but luck was with us and we were soon sitting down to decide on dinner. The fried chorizo was a must, as were the cheese balls. We had to have some calamari, and the egg, potato, and bacon combination was irresistible. We followed that with another two cheese balls and more chorizo. Obviously it was all washed down with a very tasty bottle of wine.

We found this hanging on the wall in the restaurant...

What is it?

Here are a few clues. The three hooks on the end swivel and the long rod part has a graduated scale etched into it. It reads 20K, 30K and so on. Some sort of scales maybe?

We lashed out for our anniversary dinner so I was expecting tonight's bill to be outrageous. Possibly twenty five euros. No, our dinner consisting of eight Tapas and a bottle of wine was 15.50! I supposed correctly the previous night. We were charged for four Tapas, so the other four were free with the bottle of wine. 

Our cheapest anniversary dinner ever.
I spare no expense when it comes to my girl.
(Each course was 1.50)

So that was our twenty second wedding anniversary.Thanks for sharing with us. We slept in, had a nice breakfast, did a little shopping, enjoyed a paella lunch with a bottle of wine in the sunshine of the Plaza, went for a walk, sampled a siesta, watched the Three King parade, devoured a delicious Tapas dinner with a bottle of wine, and enjoyed every minute.

Happy Anniversary Suzette. here's to another twenty two, if you can keep up the pace.

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