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Monday, 7 January 2013

We try a typical Spanish day.


We are finally getting the hang of the Spanish way of life. As much as I hate staying in bed in the morning we went with part one of a typical Spanish day. We had a sleep in this morning. I made a pleasant discovery when I got up - There were two storks in the nest across the road.

Hello neighbours.

I don't know if one is a baby and the other a parent, or they are two different mothers, or it's an extended family and grandma has moved in to help bring up little stork. I have no idea. But there are now two.

Part two was our usual sightseeing walk around, this time down to the University area. The buildings are just jaw dropping. The designs, the size, the sculpting of the stone, everything.

This was simply huge.

It's hard to get photos of some because of the sheer size of them and we're up too close.

Part three was the obligatory LARGE lunch followed by another walk around then a late afternoon coffee.

Part four was another stroll leading up to part five, the mid afternoon siesta.

Part six consisted of a few drinks at the hotel bar downstairs before part seven, heading out at eleven PM for dinner. We went to our favourite restaurant, Cervantes, and Jose Manuel, one of the waiters, greeted us by smiling and saying "Vino Blanco" then made a bottle sized shape with his hands, "and Tapas?" We said "Yes". The system fell down tonight though. We had to pay for our Tapas. So even though we only had a small feed it cost the same as last night's big feed. Oh dear, another fifteen euros. It's all good.

So by the time we got back to the hotel we were well and truly ready for part eight - bed.

The typical Spanish day is hard work, but I think we can get used to it.

Adios til later.

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