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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Bilbao, day two.


I woke up with a tweaked back this morning and it's bloody sore, so I spent a fair bit of time in a soft, comfortable lounge in the chill out room at the hostel. I must have slept crooked on my shoulder or something. I need Nat my Physio here to fix it. I guess we'll be staying in Bilbao for another night.

Cool, comfortable, and quiet,
apart from the stereo I had playing in the corner.

Those bean bags looked tempting, but I wasn't game to get in one in case i couldn't get out.

We went across the road and did a quick shop at the supermarket for our lunch / dinner to save the budget a little. We got a good feed of bread, cheese, and some very fatty sausage (way tooooo fatty), along with a couple of bottles of Coke, an iced coffee, a bottle of Codorniu Cava (Champagne) and a bottle of Baileys. All for a pittance. 

Check out the Moet price in the Supermarket.
The bottle of Mumm was under thirty euros as well.
I didn't see the Pommery til I looked at the photo.

Check out the mushroom chart.
Twenty four different kinds on sale throughout the year.

I don't know what I've dome to my back but carrying the shopping home was a strain. I hate getting old. Or should that be I hate having gotten old?

We had our own cheese tasting at the hostel for lunch.

Budget lunch, not too bad either,
apart from the fatty sausage.

So that was the content of a pretty average day. Still tomorrow will be much better I'm sure. Here's hoping...

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