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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's Australia Day, and we're still in Almeria.


First of all...Happy Australia Day to all our Aussie mates.

The wind was up again today, and we were both dog tired (This holidaying caper can wear a person out),so we had a very quiet day. We made a move in the afternoon to find somewhere to have lunch. On our wander we saw this little guy.

He wasn't tied to anything, he was just patiently waiting for his mum to come out of the shop.

After going to two bars that only served drinks and no food, we made a move back to old faithful, the taverna downstairs at the hotel.

It wasn't open so Suzanne had a seat outside while I went upstairs to get something from our room. There were also some off the staff from the taverna waiting to go to work. While Suzanne was sitting there one of staff came over and said a whole heap of stuff in Spanish to her. Now the Spanish are very passionate when they speak, so Suzanne had no idea if he was angry, or upset, or happy. She didn't have a clue. Ten minutes later another waiter came over and said "Last night, you pay too much. You paid this, and you should pay this" and he put two receipts on the table. "So this is yours" he said as he put seven euros on the table. OK, firstly I can't believe this happened, and secondly, I can't believe they remembered us even though we hadn't spoken a word. I can appreciate that once they heard us speaking they would recognise us as the Aussies, but really. Thanks very much guys. The people are like this everywhere we've been. Friendly, honest, and fantastic.

Our favourite place for a feed. A free Tapa with every drink.

These are in every cafe, restaurant, and bar, we went into.
There were about ten hanging up around the bar.

We think we've seen enough of Almeria and as nice as it is we must move on. Tomorrow, even if it's hailing, snowing, or a cyclone, we WILL go to Granada.


  1. Hi guys, Happy Belated Australia day!! Nice to meet you in Alicante and good luck with the rest of your trip! Dani

  2. Thanks Dani, it was great meeting you too. Any girl who owns that many bikes is OK in our books. I'm guessing we owe your partner a few euros as the result of our bets on the weekend. We'll have to catch up back in the UK and pay up.