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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The blessing of the animals in San Juan (Saint Joan).


Malena and Juan Ma's home has window shutters, like a lot of homes here in Spain, so in the morning no light came into our room. We must have been tired because we both slept in. Also knowing that the bike is safely tucked away in a locked garage downstairs always makes me sleep better.

Today was The blessing of the Animals in town, so of course Suzanne and I wanted to go. Unfortunately because we slept in we missed the ceremony, but the fiesta was still going, and there were plenty of dogs for Suzanne to pat and cuddle.

 Suzanne made another new friend.

All the animals, and there were plenty,
were bought here to be blessed.

In Spain they like their fireworks, so as part of the fiesta there were a heap of fireworks let off in the afternoon. I've NEVER heard fireworks so loud in my life, and the smoke they produced covered a very large area. A few of the dogs were scared, and one slipped his lead and did a runner, but most were fine with all the noise. Maybe they're used to it.

We like Spain, a lot. I might have to check my genealogy and see if I'm part Spanish. The people here are wonderful and the fact that there are a lot of dogs around and they are allowed into most shops and bars, just makes us like it even more.

From the fiesta we made our way to the beach. And guess what we found?

 This guy was my mate. I threw the (very well used) ball for him until he gave up.

Suzanne, Malena, and I
doing the tourist pose on the beach.

This was a very nice beach, easily rivalling some back home. If you had kids it would be perfect due to the lack of rough surf (and sharks). The other thing I liked was that you could easily walk on the sand without sinking into it up to your ankles.

It was three pm and in the Spanish tradition it was time for lunch. Marlena once again performed in the kitchen and presented us with a huge lunch which was delicious.

Then it was out for some more sightseeing. We headed down to the marina area and had a look around before walking back along the promenade. On the promenade we went into a cafe and had Churros and hot chocolate. This is a traditional Spanish treat that Suzanne and I have been meaning to try, but have never gotten around to. Churros are a bit like doughnuts. You take your churro, roll it in some sugar, and dip it into you thick, hot chocolate. Surprisingly they aren't as sweet as you'd think. Yes, they are yummy.

 The coastline here reminds me a little of home.

 Another cloudy sunset.

Here's a vending machine with a difference.
Live bait! Lucky I wasn't hungry.

This scene will look fantastic in a few years time
when these palms have grown.

After we finished our churros it was time to head home. The whole Spanish way of having a big, late lunch and a small meal in the evening works for me. After Malena's wonderful lunch all I could manage for dinner was a bowl of yoghurt with a banana. It has to be better going to bed with that than a belly full of fatty foods.

Tomorrow I think we'll have to spend some time cleaning and reorganising our load on the bike. It's time to post another parcel home.

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