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Friday, 25 January 2013

Benidorm, Just like England, but with sun shine.


This morning we finished watching Charlie Boorman's "Race to Dakar" TV series on DVD. It was OK, but what I found very interesting was the different approach people have to a challenging event. Some of the people in the show were stressing and carrying on about the smallest things and acting like they were the only person on earth who needed attention. In the meantime Simon Pavey just got on with the job, did what needed to be done even when it was bloody tough, and rode the bike to the finish. And he did it all with a cheeky smile on his face. Well done Simon.

The sad part of the series was some footage featured South Aussie Andy Caldecott who lost his life during the event.

Andy was a gem of a person. He got the call up to ride with the Repsol KTM team a week or so before the event after one of the team riders was injured and couldn't ride. His dream ride was unfortunately his last. I did shed a tear or two watching this. Our ride to Benidorm was a little more subdued than normal.

A disclaimer regarding today's photos. The wind was incredible again today so Suzanne struggled to even hold the camera still, so some photos are a bit blurry and the shot may not be framed to her usual high standard.

On the way there we noticed there were quite a few "ladies" on the side of the road. They must have been very friendly because truck drivers were stopping and having a chat with them for a little while, then driving off. They must be very poor because one "lady" I noticed had not much on at all under her coat, and it was cold. I hope she was OK. Suzanne managed to sneak a blurry photo of one...

She looks like she needs a friend.
Don't worry, one will be along soon.

I love these guys. They are throughout Spain on the side of the roads. Maybe we could do this with
kangaroos back home.

We approached Benidorm and the first thing that we noticed (it hit us in the face) was the huge number of high rise buildings there. It was unbelievable. Initially there were no planning restrictions so the developers went wild and built huge towers which dominate the whole area. It's visible for miles.

Welcome to Benidorm.

 I don't know if I'd like my office in the centre bit of this.

The graffiti was of a high standard, though these pics don't show the better ones. 

While we were there my bike caught up with it's little brother. You can see the family resemblance.

Baby bro'.

We had a quick coffee and set off up the mountain to have a look at the view. It was another one of those rides along the edge of a road with no railing, and a cliff on the side. I'm actually getting used to these now and they don't worry don't. OK, yes, I was scared.

 Just one or two high rise buildings.
Yes, it's high up here.

I love the safety barriers. NOT!

English invasion. Each and every apartment
is filled with our English friends.

After a bit of a look around we headed back to Alicante. We made a supermarket stop to buy some supplies for dinner and it took us about two and a half hours. We can't help sightseeing at the supermarket. I keep holding things up and saying "Suzanne, look at this", "Suzanne, look at this". I think she gets a little tired of it. I can't help it, there is so much great stuff you can get here that you just don't see at home, and don't get me started on prices.

When we got to the drinks section I found four more beers on the Facebook beer challenge list, so I had to buy them.

Only fifteen down, eighty five to go.

Yes, there are only three in the photo. Suzanne dropped one on the front step when we got home.

Suzanne cooked up one of her specialities and my favourites for dinner. A potato and sweet potato bake with some other secret ingredients. It's the first time in six months that Suzanne has cooked and it was a real treat. Thanks Suzette.

Tomorrow we'll brave the wind again and make our way to (or towards) Granada. Maybe I could rig up a windsurfer sail and tack my way there?

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