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Friday, 26 April 2013

Barcelona and sweet, sweet sleep.

Thursday 18/4/13

Our long ride a few days ago must have really taken it out of us. We both slept in, but still got up feeling exhausted. We were feeling so lazy that we went next door to McDonald's for lunch, than sat outside the hotel in the sunshine for a while. This is where we met Rosco.

Rosco was a big puppy, but when he lay down he looked as shagged as we did.

After an exhausting play with Rosco we went back to the room. Suzanne was going to have a nap, and I was going to work on the blog. Ha! I woke up six hour later. Oh well, I guess we have to rest some time.

We had dinner downstairs as we couldn't summon up the energy to go out. How can we be sooooo tired after sleeping so much?

After dinner the waitress gave us two baby bottles of sparkling wine to take away, which was very nice of her. These bottles were different to usual bottles. They came with a plastic drinking glass (Is there any such thing as a plastic glass?) on top, and the whole thing was shrink wrapped.

 Step one: Unwrap bottle.
Step two: Remove glass.
Step three: Remove stopper from bottle.

Step four is the surprising part...

Step four: Screw the glass onto the top of the bottle and drink from the bottle.


Why not just have a normal type glass to drink out of instead of a glass with a hole in the bottom that screws onto the bottle? Someone in the creative department over thought this one.

That was our day.

We'll stay a few more days in Barcelona as there are still three or four things we want to see, but I think we'll change hotels. Then we'll make our way further north. Spring hasn't really arrived yet so it's still cold and wet where we're going, so we aren't in any hurry.


  1. Sounds to me like Portugal was more fun!!!

    1. Portugal certainly was fun, there's no doubt about it. Like I've said before, it's the people that make this trip what it is, and the Portuguese people are just fantastic. : )