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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter in Faro, Portugal

Friday 29/3/13

Happy Easter everyone.

It's a conspiracy against us I'm sure. There wasn't a spot of sunshine today, and it was cold with no wind. Not what you'd call ideal drying weather for wet clothes.

We bludged around the club today and did a little bit of preparation for our departure. After ten months I'm still refining the packing, and trying to get rid of stuff we don't need. You would think I'd have it sorted by now wouldn't you? Being a hoarder has it's downfalls. On a positive note, I found a space blanket that we "could" have used when we were stuck in the snow in Morocco. Suzanne didn't look that impressed. We now have another parcel to post home.

On a sour note, I bought some Australian flag stickers over with me to put on the bike and they were OK, but faded badly after a few months. I ordered some more from Australia. The description said "vinyl" stickers. OK, for all the sticker manufacturers out there, vinyl means plastic, not paper with a thin laminate of plastic on top. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get the left over paper and glue off clear motorcycle screens without scratching them? Not happy.

Tonight's dinner at the club was a delectable pork dish with chips and salad. The guys here at the club do such a great job. We ate alone because Frank and Lisa bailed on us again. I think they are getting old. (Love you guys.)

Later I was working on the blog when Farense decided he would like to help me.

I appreciated Farense's help, but he was typing in Portuguese.

Suzanne toddled off to bed and I stayed for another drink. Then I heard "So you're the infamous Aussie" in an genuine Australian accent. Paulo introduced himself. He grew up in Sydney and now works all over the place but is based in Portugal. We enjoyed a few beers and reminisced about the Castrol 6 Hour, Easter bike races at Bathurst, old bikes, and old racers. It was a good way to spend the night, and ignited a few foggy memories from a distant time. Am I really that old?

We're nearly ready to go but the wet weather may delay our departure from Faro. If I'm going riding in the mountains, I want to enjoy the mountain roads, and if it's raining, or the roads are wet, then it won't be much fun. I'd rather hold off for some good weather. The forecast says partly sunny Sunday, with bright sunshine on Monday. Monday might be the go. We'll see.

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