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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Puppies turn a bad day into a good one.

Friday 19/4/13

I think I'm turning into one of those grumpy old men you see on TV. Either that or I'm missing Paige, our daughter, and our dogs, and just need a cuddle.

I love Barcelona, I've been here five times now, but this visit has a big cloud over it, figuratively as well as literally. We're just not having a good run. We've pulled the pin on the Ibis (I must say it's the first bad experience we've had at an Ibis, they are usually excellent). Things are very expensive here, the hotel we stayed in once before is now over three hundred euros a night. Ouch! We found a Travelodge that was in an OK area, and was a reasonable price, but the free WiFi is only half an hour per day, then it's fork out more euros, and to be honest, all but one of the staff were pretty bloody ordinary.

Grump, grump, grump.

Going for a ride usually lifts our spirits, so we took off for Montserrat. We turned around after about twenty minutes because the wind was howling and the clouds were big, black, and thick in the sky. It's not worth going up there if you can't admire the view.

 There might be some rain in that.

Montserrat is over 1,200 metres, so with cloud like this, there is no view.

We went back to the hotel, via the shopping centre and supermarket where we stocked up on some liquid anti depressants. That always helps. Shopping centres are now a place we don't like to go. Too big, too many people, and way too much stuff, but I love the supermarkets here, they have such cool things in them.

A section just for Suzanne and I.

We also found a pet shop in the shopping centre and these little pups made our day a lot better.

"Don't turn around, someone is looking at us."

Nine hundred and fifty euros for a devil dog!!!!

"Are you looking' at me?"

This is his best "Take me home" look.

After deciding it wasn't practical to pack three dogs, or even one, on the bike, (as I type this Suzanne is now telling me we could have one puppy with us, and justifying it) we left the puppies and ended up back at the hotel again.

We'll try Montserrat again tomorrow.

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