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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rain, rain, go away. Go away from Faro, Portugal at least.

Sunday 31/3/13

I woke up feeling a little worse for wear today. Last night was the biggest, loudest, longest party at the club since we've been here. We were in bed early, but the fun continued downstairs until just after four am. I know because I could hear it. I did consider going down a few times, but then thought the better of it. It would just get messy, or at least I would. The music was great and the "shout" bell was rung at least eight times. When the bell gets rung, whoever rings it shouts the bar a crate of beer. Thinking about it now I kind of wish I'd gone down. Eight free beers is nothing to be sneezed at. Oh well.

Looking outside it was still overcast and wet so our intended ride out east was put on hold. Hopefully we'll be able to squeeze it in before we head north.

Do you know we chose the wettest, coldest winter in forty years to tour Europe on a motorcycle? I remember early in the trip I'd say to Suzanne that we weren't seeing many other bikes on the road. We should have got a hint when people looked at us strangely and said "It's summer in Australia now isn't it?" We can't complain though, we've actually been very fortunate with the weather, and it's still a brilliant experience.

The moto swap meet was a bit disappointing. I was hoping to find a showroom condition Macal or Famel for about two hundred dollars, but no such luck. (More like two thousand euros plus...if one was available.) There were lots of bits and bobs but nothing we needed.

Not a Famel in sight.

Farense popped up to say good morning, and stayed for a little while. I think he expected an Easter egg, but chocolate is poisonous to dogs so that was never going to happen.

Farense likes Suzanne's bed.

As the day progressed the rain got heavier, and heavier, to the point where we'd say it was bucketing down. The forecast was for a mainly sunny day but we didn't see the sun all day. It's good to know that weather forecasters get it wrong all over the world, not just at home.

We went downstairs for dinner and saw the news on TV. It was reporting flooding in the middle of Portugal and showed roads under water! That's not good.

We racked up the pool balls again, and I won three two again. That's twice in a row I've beaten Suzanne. I think I'll retire now, before she gets her form back.

We'd still like to leave Faro tomorrow, but if this weather keeps up we might have to visit a real estate agent here and buy a house.

Worse things could happen...

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