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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Goodbye Faro, we have a lot more of Portugal waiting.

Wednesday 3/4/13

Today we made a very very leisurely start, taking our time to pack, wash our bedding and towels, and give our room and the bathroom a clean before we left Moto Clube Faro.

It was a bit sad as we've met some great people during our time here and our planned two night stop turned into a three week holiday. 

I think most of all we'll miss Farense and his greetings when we walked in the door of the club...and his daily visit to our room. I have to admit I did get a little teary when I gave Farense his good bye cuddle. He really is an uber cool dog.

After our last good byes we rolled out of the parking area and pointed our bike towards Sagres, the most south western part of Europe. 

On the way we stopped off at Albufeira. It's a pretty cool spot that used to be a fishing village but now days is a tourist trap. We weakened and had lunch here overlooking the beach.

Not a bad view to enjoy over lunch.

Along the coast in the other direction.

It became very obvious that Albufeira is a popular holiday destination for people from the UK. It sounded very strange to hear a lot of people speaking English. 

We also saw a couple of things neither of us had ever seen or heard of before...

Like a lift, or elevator, to take you down to the beach!

If you don't like lifts, you can take the escalator.

Once we were down on the beach we found a sand sculptor. I would like to have seen the finished project.

There was a fresh water stream flowing out to the sea. The whole area was a great playground...

...for birds...

...little kids...

...and big kids.

The stream flowed out of a large cave.

Back on the bike we made tracks towards Sagres. It was a nice ride through rolling, green hills dotted with white houses, with the ocean in the background. There are some very pretty places in Portugal.

We rolled into Sagres and found it was located on top of a BIG cliff and looks like an interesting place. We have to cover about 350 km to our next planned stop so I think we'll stay another night here so we can have a good look around tomorrow.

We found our hotel and were pleasantly surprised. I'd booked on line and it looked OK, but with a room rate of only twenty eight Aussie dollars, including breakfast, I wasn't expecting much. What a surprise. We had a large, spotlessly clean room, with a kitchen. Brilliant. The Hotel Don Tenorio is a real bargain.

Our room overlooked the pool area.

We hit the supermarket for a quick shop before going across the road for dinner. It's almost as cheap to eat out as it is to cook here, so we're making the most of it. We ordered a dish of seafood rice that serves two. We expected a rice dish with some seafood, but got a huge pot of seafood with a little bit of rice. There were crabs, crabs, and more crabs, with some mussels and prawns thrown in for good measure.

 Just a small piece of crab... half the body!

...and a little claw.

After a very satisfying feed we hit our hotel for a kip and discovered our final bonus in our room. The TV had a channel that broadcast movies, in English. Cool. Of course we stayed up and watched a movie.

Tomorrow we'll see what we can find in Sagres, apart from the beer by the same name.

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