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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We're in Oeiras and enjoying Werner's apartment. A lot.

Saturday 13/4/13

This morning dawned pretty foggy and grey outside. That wasn't really bad news for us as we'd had quite a few very long days this week and were happy to relax in the apartment. So a lazy day it was, gazing out over the ocean, watching a little TV, and doing our washing (Yay!)

Alan decided that he wanted to try flying today. I explained that chickens can't fly, but he was adamant. So he chugged a can of Red Bull and leapt of the balcony...

"Red Bull gives you wings" he said.

"No it doesn't" I said, from ten floors up. 

Alan made a pitiful squeak when he hit the ground. He was fine, but I don't think he'll be trying that again soon. That is Suzanne down the bottom. She really does love Alan.

We ventured out for a stroll in the afternoon and to shop for supplies. We found a large "cheap stuff" shop around the corner. You know the type, they sell everything from Aardvarks to Zulu spears, and all sorts of things in between. Most of it comes from a very, very large Asian country, and just occasionally, the product name just doesn't help sales...

Accurate maybe, but enticing? I don't think so.

The highlight of the day was playing with a couple of dogs in the park around the corner. 

In the park we also found was this memorial. Maybe one day we'll learn that all the wars don't achieve anything. To all the world leaders - Snext time you get the urge to start a war, go for a ride on a motorcycle instead.

The children of the county Oeiras
fallen in the War Overseas
1961 - 1975

By the time we got back to the apartment the weather had improved so I took the opportunity to shoot a couple of pics from "our" balcony.

The 25 de Abril Bridge.
The 25th of April is Revolution Day in Portugal.

Small island fort just off the coast.

Not a bad view eh?

It was nice to sit down to a home cooked meal in the evening. Suzanne wove her magic in the kitchen and we had a lovely dinner.

I could quite easily live in Portugal, especially if we had an apartment like the one we are in. 

People here are so warm and friendly, and no one is in a rush. Everything gets done, it just doesn't get done in a hurry. So if you're waiting for something you don't stress out about it, you have a chat to the person next to you while you're waiting. The only time I've seen anything resembling anger or stress is when the football is on TV.

There are dogs everywhere and they are welcomed in pretty much every place we've been, from five star hotels to national parks.

The traffic is easy, drivers are courteous and skilled, the roads are great, and enjoyable. Drivers even move over to let you past if you're on a bike. Even parking is easy, being able to park next to the door at pretty much any place you go.

Most of all it's the people though. I don't think I've seen a stressed Person in Portugal or Spain, even though they are in the middle of a crumbling economy. 

I wonder what the incidence of heart attack and high blood pressure is here?

I just checked on the web. Heart disease deaths per 100,000

Australia - 110.9

Portugal - 55.9
Spain - 53.8

Life is good, in Spain and Portugal.

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