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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Poble Espanyol - Mini Spain.

Monday 22/4/13

This morning we visited Poble Espanol, which is like a mini Spain all in one place. It was built in 1929 for an international exhibition and is a showcase of all the different  styles of Spanish architecture. It features replicas of buildings from the different provinces and we thought it would be interesting to go and have a look.

It cost a few too many euros to get in, and to be honest it wasn't all that impressive. All the buildings are now shops although some house artisans, but it lacks atmosphere and just didn't do it for us. I guess if you're in Barcelona, and you're short on time, it gives you the opportunity to see all the architecture of Spain in one day.

One of Barcelona's most famous attractions are the Magic Fountains. These fountains are lit up by coloured lights and operate in time with music. It's supposed to be quite spectacular. This was our next stop. I've been to Barcelona four times now, and missed the fountains every time. We finally got there today. When Suzanne asked a guy what time they come on he said "Oh, not today. Only Friday and Saturday." D'oh! I guess I'll have to see them on visit number five.

I keep saying how laid back Spanish people are. Here's an example. We were in the deli section of the supermarket, waiting to buy some more delicious Iberian jamon and queso. (Ham and Cheese). It was one of those take a number and wait to be served affairs. The problem was there  were three sections to choose a number from, and as luck would have it Suzanne chose a number for the wrong section. The error was discovered by a guy standing next to her and then this guy, who spoke very little English, smiled, gave Suzanne his number, and then took another for himself.

The assistant behind the counter was happily chatting to every customer, even after the sale was completed, and in no rush whatsoever. The surprising thing about this is no one else who was waiting could care less. They just chatted among themselves while they waited their turn. No one was in a hurry and everyone is very happy and very mellow. Heart attack - not around here.

I always go for a wander when we visit the supermarket, just to have a look around. I found these today.

Another tasty seafood delicacy. Any guesses??

Google says : "Goose barnacles, also called goose neck barnacles, are filter feeding crustaceans that live attached to hard surfaces of rocks and flotsam in the ocean intertidal zone." Sounds good to me.

Back to the hotel and I decided it was time to give the bike a bath. It was still covered in suicidal bugs from our ride out of Portugal. There was a petrol station next door, with a coin operated pressure washer. Perfect. I wandered over, fed a few coins into the machine, and was rewarded with hot soapy water spraying my bike. Yes, hot! It lasted forever and did a brilliant job of despatching the bugs and making the bike look like new again. Another coin took care of the rinse cycle. The big BM came up a treat. Even the pressure washers are great in Spain.

Tomorrow we make our way to Cadaques, which is very close to Port Lligat where Salvador Dali worked and lived. It's time to pay another visit to Dali's house, which is now a museum, and one of Suzanne's favourite places.

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