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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cadaques by day.

Wednesday 24/4/13

Welcome to Cagaques, my new favourite place.

This is our hotel, Hotel Playa Sol. The Mediterranean is in the bottom left corner of the photo.

Close to the water or what?

Our view across the bay.

If I lived here, I'd have to take up sailing.

Cadaques would easily be the most stunning place I have ever been. The white village buildings contrast against the  deep blue water, which is actually crystal clear close up. It offers everything that you could ever want. The best news is that the perfect motorcycle road into town is the thing that keeps the tourists away. OK, in summer there are tourists, but not as many as if Cadaques was easily accessible. 

It's Heaven.

Suzanne and I walked up the road and around a couple of bends to see what was there, and it was more of the same picturesque views.

We made our way back to Es Taronger, our restaurant for a late lunch or early dinner and Andreas was there to greet us. We were treated to a sumptuous lunch and were feeling very contented.

The only downer was a table with four "foreigners" in the restaurant. You know the type. They only speak English, and every other damn person in the world should as well. They think if they yell loudly enough the person they are yelling at will understand, and they were yelling plenty loud. What happened after they finished their lunch will be a blight on their nationality in Cadaques for ever and a day.

There had obviously been a small mix up with one of the orders for this table. OK, to be fair, we had a mix up as well, but the waiter didn't speak much English, so I reckon it was our fault for not making it clear exactly what we wanted. We didn't even mention it. The chief antagonist at the other table, an obnoxious female, stood there yelling "We aren't going to pay for this" and it went on from there. Andreas had gone home for a siesta, so the poor waiter was trying to sort it out as best he could, and he was doing a bloody good job. After twenty minutes, yes, twenty minutes, of three people yelling at the waiter, and a couple of phone calls to Andreas, they settled the bill and left. What a bunch of mongrels. I hope someone kidnaps them and holds them for ransom. I don't think anyone would pay to get them back.

The whole episode spoiled what should have been a really nice day for us. Luckily it was saved by an Irish couple a couple of tables away, Ann and Gus. As the ********s left we all looked at each other and burst out laughing. Ann and Gus ended up joining us for a drink or two, maybe more, and we had some laughs with the waiter, who was obviously pretty shaken. At one point I had to give the waiter a big hug and explain we were Australian, and our new friends are Irish, so even though we speak the same language as those other people, we're not from where they came from. He laughed and said from now on, anyone from that country will be turned away. The restaurant will be full. By the way, they weren't English, or New Zealanders. Narrows it down eh?

The photo above is our only photo of Gus and Ann. They are on the left. Our other "friends" are on the right. To be fair, they guy in the blue, short sleeved shirt was talking to us and wasn't involved at all. He was a really nice guy. I feel very sorry for him being stuck with that mob on holiday.

After Gus and Ann joined us, the rest of the day was just laugh after laugh. Eventually we moved to another bar on the beach, had a few more drinks and enjoyed some great craic (Irish word for fun / enjoyment).

Salvador Dali liked Cadaques.

It was a real pleasure meeting you Ann and Gus. You made our day. You also made us stagger home in the dark. I have no idea what time we got back to the hotel, but funnily enough we needed a couple of nightcaps before bed.

I hope we cross paths again somewhere.

Time to head home.

Actually heading home, many hours later.

Home at last, and I made two more friends in the bar.

I've suddenly realised that this trip has a real penguin theme to it. First there were Kinder Pinguis, the best chocolates in the whole world. Then there was Penguinos, a great bike rally, and fantastic Penguino friends. And now my two new mates. I might have to get a couple of penguins for the pool when I get home.

I can see us coming back to Cadaques for a couple of weeks holiday in the future. Suzanne would relax on the beach while I would ride up and down the mountain on a mid range sports bike. I reckon I could shred a set of tyres in a week.

Hmm, property is pretty cheap here...

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