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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sagres - Sunshine, shadows, spectacular sea side, and surfing.

Thursday 4/4/13

Well it's about time. We woke up this morning to bright sunshine and a vivid blue sky. It was time to go for a ride around Sagres, after a leisurely breakfast by the pool of course.

Before we headed out on the road we decided to have a quick look in a shop across the road that caught our eye on the way into town yesterday. We left our helmets on the bike and off we went. About thirty seconds after we walked into the shop, it bucketed down rain. Where did that come from? It poured. After about ten minutes it eased up enough for us to make a run for the nearby supermarket and do a little supply shopping. It's amazing what you can find...

 A lolly packet on the shelf. Um, really?
After further inspection, we found it was a bone,
we just couldn't see the other end.

Five litres of red wine, for less than two euros.

Most importantly I found my beloved Kinder Pinguis. I have a lot of trouble finding these, in fact this was our third visit to this supermarket and I hadn't been able to find them on our previous visits. Needless to say I cleared the shelf of stock. Yum.

Back to the hotel and I realised I'd left my helmet hanging on the mirror on the bike. This of course meant that the opening was facing upwards, in the rain. Yes, there was about a cup of water in my helmet, and all the interior foam was soaking wet. Hmm.

The weather had eased up a little, but it definitely wasn't riding weather, so I grabbed my camera and decided to walk down to the beach. That makes sense doesn't it. Don't put on all the waterproof clothing and ride, just go for a walk in the rain with normal pants and shirt. Sometimes I worry myself. About ten minutes into my walk I remembered how much my leg was hurting, and I should be resting it. I think I need a guardian to look after me.

Anyway, here are a few things I found on my walk...

Typical Portuguese dog. He was sleeping in the middle of the road, and the cars were driving around him.

A paid camping ground? In Portugal? Are you joking?
Just park and camp where you feel like it.
Check out that sky.

This hotel was right on the beach. The one behind overlooked the beach. There is no shortage of good hotels in Portugal.

Now this is what I call a beach house.
Step out of the front door onto the sand.

Heading in for a surf.

The waves weren't much, but the guys made the most of them.

The rain put an end to today's plans, so tomorrow we'll have a quick look around Sagres before we head north. We have to cover about three hundred and fifty kilometres tomorrow, and we'll be making a few stops along the way, so we'll need to make a start reasonably early.

Yeah, like that's going to happen.

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