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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Does the sun ever shine in Faro?

Saturday 30/3/13

Yay! Sunshine. We can dry our washing. Once it's dry we can wash the clothes we are wearing and have a complete set of clean clothes. I know it doesn't sound like much, but on this trip it's a rare occurence, and a very nice one. So tomorrow we can go for a ride, then on Monday morning first thing we can wash our bedding and towels...then hit the road.

So it's now after three o'clock and nothing is dry yet. It really is a conspiracy I tell you. It's been overcast all day.

Late in the afternoon we went shopping for dinner. On the way to the supermarket we found a lot of stray cats living in a vacant block across the road. When buying our food we included a box of cat biscuits for the strays. When we got back to the strays there were little piles of cat biscuits everywhere. Obviously someone is looking after them.

The feline ring leader.

Yum! Thank you.

I'd like to take this one home.

While we were in the supermarket we decided to buy Catarina, Leia, Luis, and Bill who all work at the club an Easter egg each. They work hard and have looked after us very well, so we though it was only fair. Do you know we couldn't find a chocolate Easter egg anywhere. Chocolate eggs mustn't be the go over here. We settled on a couple of Ferrero Rocher chocolate rabbits for the girls, and small boxes of chocolates for the guys. I hope they like them.

Tomorrow morning there is a swap meet type thing happening here. Yup, lots of motorcycle stuff for sale. I think I might have to give Suzanne my wallet before I go down for a look.

After that, if the weather isn't too bad, we'll do a day run west to Lagos, Albufeira, and Sagres, with lunch in Sagres. It's only a couple of hundred kilometres each way so it shouldn't be a problem. When we get back we'll finish our chores and be ready to head north on Monday morning.

It will be sad to see Faro in the mirrors.

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