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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cover me, I'm going in - We invade Germany.


I hate days that start like today. We packed up the Dutch camp and our little tents and then the boys were ready to roll. They had a fair haul home so they wanted to get away early. As I said before, it’s sad saying goodbye to people you’ve just met and get along so well with. I’m sure some of our paths will cross again. One more time guys, THANK YOU.

Suzanne and I were planning on heading to Austria for the World Body Painting Championships in Portschach am Worthersee. The plan was to go the long way and ride the Stelvio Pass along the way. Leigh and Annmarie were heading across to Germany to a little town called Soest. Annmarie had been there years ago and told us how beautiful the area was around Lake Mohnesee.  We’d been getting along so well that we decided to tag along. Soest here we come. The Stelvio will have to wait for another day.

We rocked up to the Hotel Prodomo and checked in. Once again 75 Euros, with breakfast and Wi-Fi included. Park the bikes out the back, which turned out to be right outside our window.

Beautiful little park across the road from our hotel.

Leigh and Annmarie went for a wander around town while Suzanne and I sat in the bar and I caught up on a bit of blogging. I had both power and a Wi-Fi signal so I had to make the most of it as having both at one has been an issue. When they got back they told us they had made a booking for dinner at a little restaurant around the corner. Walking there took us through a part of the village that looked like Stratford on Avon.

The village at about 10 pm.

Our restaurant, in Germany?

This is a German watch dog. He looked out of his window and watched us walk past.

After another feast of food and good company and it is was back to the hotel for an early night. The last few nights had taken their toll.

Tomorrow the lake.

Where is Rex's Buff?

A good friend of ours left his Buff (Google it. It's a bit like a scarf but better) at our house just before we left. We thought that Rex's Buff needed a holiday and to meet some new people, so we are introducing Rex's Buff to people from all over the world. Here's Suzanne.

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