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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Exploring Ljubljana’s back roads – Or, we got lost, again.


We’re in Ljubljana Slovenia and we’ve decided that we really needed a tank bag today so we set of in search of a BMW motorcycle dealership. As luck would have it we found one. A-Cosmos is the place for all things BMW in Ljubljana. We were looked after by Marijan who happens to be the President of the BMW Club of Slovenia, and a top bloke. After sorting out our tank bag Marijan sat down, had a coffee with us, and spent time giving us directions to some great places and some great riding roads, all the way to Greece. He knows most of this area really well as he’s been riding here for years. Then as we were leaving Marian presented us with a couple of very nice, grey, button up shirts with the BMW Club of Slovenia logo on them. OK, so I now own my first piece of BMW clothing, but it’s a club shirt, so I claim special dispensation for that. And it's a really nice shirt, even if we did have to swap them for XL size. I think the sizing is out. : )

Marijan with a couple of Aussies.

It was time for lunch (about 4pm) so we rode off toward the city to find somewhere for a feed. After a little detour through some back streets of Ljubljana, through lots of corn fields and down skinny dirt roads behind people’s houses we both said this is the Slovenia we expected to see. It was beautiful. We then stopped at a railway crossing but there was no train in sight but the gates were down. Suzanne spotted a small bar off to the side of the road so we pulled in and had a refreshing drink. It is hot here after all.

Farming in Ljubljana.

Your normal backstreet in the suburbs?

Unfortunately we forgot about lunch, so we were starving. It was time to go to the supermarket and buy provisions for our first camp cooked meal. We spent eighteen Euros for dinner. Some bread, cheese, mixed meats, pate, mushroom soup, a chocolate, and a pack of M&Ms for desert. Oh yes, and a large bottle of gin, two large bottles of tonic water, and some ice. Yes, all for about $22 Aussie Pesos.

Part of our dinner budget. Eight Euros, or about twelve Aussie dollars. Notice one of our luxuries, real glasses. We got the free with a coffee in Holland.

I made fire for the first time this trip. The MSR Whisperlite International runs on pretty much anything and cooks up a storm. 

Dinner fit for a king, albeit an overweight one. Gin and Tonic, cheese, sliced meats, bread, pate, and mushroom soup. How good is that. Oh, and Peanut M&Ms for desert. Bloody cheap too, and we had leftovers for breakfast. 

Tomorrow we plan to visit the Bodies Revealed exhibition. You know, the one with all the human bodies on display that have been dissected. Should be interesting. Then it’s off to the mountains for a train ride through a huge cave system. That’s something you don’t do every day.

Where’s Rex’s Buff?
I think the Buff colour goes particularly well with the paint on this model.

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