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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Do you think I'm riding in that thunderstorm? You've got to be joking.


No, that was me, not Suzanne. There is no way I was going out on the roads this morning with the weather the way it was. Suzanne was a bit second hand as well, so we booked another night in the hotel. I can justify it to myself because the total hotel bill for three nights will be about the same cost as the Moto GP tickets for Mugello would have been if we'd gone. It was a boring race anyway, so I'm glad we didn't go.

The plan tomorrow is to try and bolt early in the morning and try and run away from these persistent thunder storms, and the drenching rain they bring with them. Up until today the pattern has been nice weather in the morning, with a storm late in the afternoon, or at night. We were going to leave this morning, but the pattern changed and it was bucketing down rain. I just couldn't imagine riding those winding roads in the rain, so we'll try again tomorrow. Hopefully the coast will deliver better weather.

Now's a good time to post some photos that didn't fit in with anything, but are fun, or photos that I just forgot to load. Here we go.

This is half of breakfast at Hotel Miralago. There were four of these trays, the other two held mixed sliced meat and cheeses. We missed out the first two days because we slept in and headed straight to the festival. We didn't miss out again after we found out this was breakfast.

This was a cool helicopter type flying camera that was in action at the Body Painting Festival. I want one so Suzanne can fly it from the back of the bike and get some ultra cool shots.

This is Renault's electric, two seater car. Road legal over here of course. (You can register ATVs here and it's nothing to see someone tearing down the road on a 450cc quad bike). They would have to be cheap as with no windows, stereo, etc you might as well ride a scooter.

You don't have to worry about hitting kangaroos when you're out riding in Europe, but apparently their frogs are a bit of a problem.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Miranda (Think Sex and the City) Read tomorrow's blog for more...

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