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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Recovery - Then lunch in Italy.


We were a bit slow to get going today. We saw the girls at breakfast and they were off to see Postojna Cave today. We had planned to go to Italy for lunch (just because we could) so Suzanne caught up on some sleep while I blogged for the morning. Then I went and pulled all the luggage off the bike - except the top box of course.

After a quick little ride we were over the border and in Trieste, Italy. We found a nice little out of the way bar and had a bit of a feed and a couple of drinks. What cracked me up was when I asked for a glass of white wine for Suzanne the barman put a glass under a tap on the bar and out came wine. Suzanne could fit in really well here.

Me: "Sooze, do you want to go to Italy for lunch?
Suzanne: "Why not?"

We then popped into a chemist to see about replacing some of the items from our first aid kit we had used and to get some medical crème I use. When Suzanne asked about the crème the Pharmacist pulled a box out from under the counter and handed it to her. The total cost combined with the other items was about 20 Euros. At home I have to go through the complete visit a doctor, get a prescription, go to the chemist, pay through the nose run around. It probably costs me about eight times as much at home! Why? Rant over.

We needed fuel and the price in Slovenia was about 60 cents a litre cheaper than Italy. With a 30 litre tank on the BM it made sense to fill up on the way back. It was obvious that most Italians think so as well. Just over the border the servo was full of cars with Italian number plates filling up, and buying cheap cigarettes. Why not?

We then rode back into Piran for a look around the waterfront. It's a nice little village and there are heaps of restaurants catering to tourists. We wandered around the back alleys and found a cool little place where we sat and demolished our evening meal. We've been eating well on this trip that's for sure.

Sun set in Piran

Cool little back alleys full of surprises.

The town square. They do it so well in Europe.

Then it was back to the hostel after stocking up on supplies (gin and tonic) to catch up and party quietly with Jesse, Jess, and Sara. Everyone was a bit quieter tonight. Suzanne dragged out her painting gear and the girls were into it. 

Suzanne's late night painting.

I pulled the pin at about midnight and skulked off to bed. I thin the girls went til about 1.30.

Where's Rex's Buff?
I'd just told Jesse how old I was.

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