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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dam Busters - We bomb around Lake Mohnesee.


We fired the bikes up early and set off to find Lake Mohnesee. The dam that contains lake Mohnesee was bombed during the war by Avro Lancasters dropping the famous "bouncing bombs". Watch the movie kids.

Turns out it’s a huge lake surrounded by hills and is known by the local Germans for its perfect bike riding roads. We rode around for hours, just having a ball. At one point Leigh stopped at the bottom of one particularly nice, long, windy down hill road and said “Do you want to go back up again?” Needles too say we did. I think we rode some roads three or four times. We spend hours just riding around these great roads.

Hills and bends at the same time. It's a bit much for a guy from Western Australia.

We spent hours on roads like this. Fun factor = HIGH!
And no kangaroos.

We had a break for lunch at about 2.30 and had a feed of currywurst sausages and chips. Yum. Here we met Manfred on his BMW R65 and Rheinhardt on his Piaggio MP3 500. Manfred was on his first day of retirement and was out for a ride and a coffee with his mate, and hiding from his wife who has a huge list of things for him to do at home. Some things are the same the world over. We had a good chat about the area and then out came the maps and directions of where we should go for a fun ride.

Manfred and Rheinhardt giving us the good oil on the roads in the area.

We’d already covered most of the areas he showed us and Leigh and Annmarie had to head back to Holland to catch the ferry, so we called it quits for the fun riding for the day. Another goodbye. I was so fortunate to have met Leigh and his mates at the isle of Man. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met the Dutch crew, or seen this beautiful area around Lake Mohnesee. Motorcyclists are great people. See you again soon guys.

A small part of lake Mohnesee.

The bombing crew, this time on BMWs. Ironic eh?
Annmarie and Leigh with us and our steeds.

So Suzanne and I need to be in Austria for a body painting party on Wednesday night and we have a long way to go. Just as we were ready to leave it started to rain so we zipped in our waterproof liners and our thermal liners and headed south. We had to cover some decent miles so it was down the motorway. It’s amazing how much ground you can cover over here on the motorways. We were sitting on around sixty KPH over the speed limit most of the time and were just keeping up with the traffic. About every two or three minutes a car would rocket past in the outside lane. Not a cop to be seen anywhere and the speed cameras are clearly marked and set up in areas where you need to slow down for safety’s sake. It all works, and it works well.

After a few hours we were done and punched "HOTELS” into the sat nav. Alter a nice little ride along some back roads it took us to the Linden Hotel somewhere in Germany (We still haven't worked our where we were. UPDATE we were in Bad Fussing). Standard check in – 75 Euros – free Wi Fi – includes breakfast. This place is a little gem. I was walking down to the bar and I heard a strong German voice say something like “Ich den motorradd in der garage!” He was telling me to put my bike in the garage out of the weather. How cool.

We’re now only about 750 kilometres away from where we have to be with a day and a half to do it. We’ll choose “Avoid Motorways” on the sat nav tomorrow and see what happens. We can always make up time on Wednesday.

Where is Rex's Buff?

Rex's Buff met a new friend today. This is Katrina.

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