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Monday, 2 July 2012

Moulin Rouge - Apparently the girls wear costumes. I didn't notice.


The original reason for visiting Paris was to deliver on a promise I'd made Paige some time visit Disneyland. Obviously when you are in Paris there are some other landmarks you just have to see. On the top of our list was the Moulin Rouge. We booked for dinner and a show and at the time I thought it was bloody expensive. OK, after the show I thought it was still expensive, but worth every single cent.

We were shown to our seats and our table was the second table from the stage right in the centre. Perfect. We had our bottles of Mumm's Champaign put on ice at the table and ordered our meals. Now I'm not a real big champaign fan, but this drop was pretty damn good. Paige even enjoyed it. Diner was lush (as the Poms would say) and just tasted soooo good.

Then it was time for the show. There are over 60 dancing girls in the show and they are fantastic entertainers. The look on Paige's face was, as they say in the Visa card ad, priceless. 
Visa is sponsoring this trip, just don't tell them. She was in awe. They guys who dance are impressive as well, but not as impressive as the girls. Not sure why that is. The costumes were just so in your face that it was stunning, especially the last number. The entire stage was bright, bright, BRIGHT pink!

In between the dance acts were entertainers. The first guy was the Guinness Book of World Records record holder as the fastest juggler in the world. Juggling? Who cares? So he came out and started juggling with four batons. Meh! Then five batons. OK, not bad. Then six batons. OK, I'm impressed. Then seven batons. Now that's bloody impressive. When you see seven batons being controlled by one man it's a sight, I'll tell you. The speed juggling was something else. Seven batons going so fast they were just a blur. I couldn't even catch one. I've never seen a juggler have to do an encore before.

Another act consisted of two strong man / gymnasts. We've all seen it before, but not like this. They performed some feats of strength that made the audience wide eyed and gasp in amazement.

Finally out came the obligatory comedian. He pulled four audience members up on stage and set about having a ball making them look silly while having the audience holding their sides because they were laughing so much. Very, very funny.

We made our usual visit to the shop on the way out and Paige bagged a souvenir Moulin Rouge charm bracelet. It's really interesting here and in the UK. Programmes and shop souvenirs at shows are so cheap compared to what we pay at home.

(Speaking of price comparisons - as I type this I'm sitting in a bar in Germany. Yes, I'm a few days and a few countries behind with the blog. Give me a break. A stubby of Heineken is 2.5 Euro, about $3 AUD. In a pub in Perth, it would be about $9. So, work with me here, I can drink twice as much here as I do at home, and save money at the same time. The more I drink, the more I save. I'm starting to understand the girl's "shoes on sale" mentality).

"Well it's about time you understood us Simon !!!! " (Suzanne here . . . )

The family about to make an appearance at Moulin Rouge. Guess who is riding around Europe on a motorcycle with very little in the way of luggage, clothing and hair care products? Guess who isn't?

My best girl outside Moulin Rouge.

My two best girls inside Moulin Rouge. Feerie is the name of the current show.

It was a memorable night and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting Paris. If you like live shows, It's a must do.

After the show we encountered out first attempted rip off on the trip. We had caught a taxi to the show and it cost under ten Euro. We hailed a taxi after the show and gave the driver the address. He told us it would be thirty Euro. We suggested he drive on and found a driver who was happy to charge about nine Euro. He got a good tip.

What a night!

Paris - This is the economy tour, move along please, no looking.


This was our see the sights of Paris day. This will be a short blog because it's just the usual touristy stiff and boring if you're not actually there.

We started the day by dropping Carla - Jane off at the Gare du Nord railway station for her trip home to the UK. That's the big downside to a trip like this, we're constantly saying goodbye to people we like or have only just met. Carla - Jane is more fun that you can imagine and a ball to have around. Aussies, you'll have your chance to meet her next year. She's coming to Australia for an extended holiday. get some rest now, you'll need it.

We started of by grabbing a cab and heading up to the Sac Le'Coeur, a huge church overlooking Paris.

The view of Paris from Sac Le'Coeur. Who would have ever thought the church would have a prime piece of real estate in a major city? 

The road at the bottom of the stairs down from the Sac Le'Coeur .

At the bottom of the stairs we found...a chocolate shop. Not any chocolate shop mind you. Check out the chocky Eiffel Tower behind Paige. 

We then walked to the Eiffel Tower, as you do, and found it to be a truck load bigger than we expected. It's actually pretty daunting standing underneath it.

Sorry. Had to put one in. Paige playing tourist in Paris.

A quick twenty minute or so walk and we were at the Arc de Triomphe again, but this time in the day light. Another impressive bit of architecture. It sits at the top of the Champs Elysees. I'm sure I could hear Paige's heart rate ride as we walked past on or way back to the hotel.

The Arc du Triomphe at the top of the Champs Elysees.

Then it was back to the hotel for some rest and recovery. Another day spent jam packed with activity.

It had to happen. Shopping at the Champs Elysees.


We braved the rain and walked down to the Champ Elysees to indulge in a little last minute shopping for Paige. We had a bit of success on the clothing side of things but we would really have liked to fine a nice watch for Paige. Oh well, one will show up. It just wasn't meant to be. The other area we missed out in was finding Paige a Minnie Mouse dress for her fancy dress birthday party at the end of the month.

Tomorrow Paige flies home and we return to the UK to pick up the bike and start our trip proper a few days later. 

Should be interesting.

Goodbye Paris - Goodbye Paige.


We lobbed at Charles du Gaulle Airport today to go our separate ways.  Paige headed home to a life of freedom from mum and dad, and Suzanne and and I boarded a flight to the UK to start our trip for real.

We were booked to fly out three hours before Paige so we got to the airport fairly early. It was a simple plan. we'd check in, go back and get Paige checked in. Then we'd fly of secure in the knowledge that all was well. So how did it work out?

Pretty well apart from the part where we left Paige all organised. We cut it a bit fine and ended up running through the airport to try and make our flight before it closed. Charles du Gaulle Airport is huge and we had a good run to get to our gate. I rounded the corner to the gate just as they paged us. Suzanne was only a few seconds behind me, so we made it. Just.

We were on our way to start our ride of a lifetime, but for some reason Suzanne didn't seem that happy. I'm not sure but I think she said something about daughter and missing something inbetween sobs. I really had no idea what she was on about. (Not true Paigey. I miss you as well). Anyway, we were on the plane and only an hour or so from Heathrow.

I couldn't wait to get on the bike.


  1. Awww <3 you guys! Can't wait to see you in just over a year on your turf!

  2. We'll see you before that gitly. We'll be back in the UK for a few weeks in August.

  3. Ohh wow! You may be back for my birthday depending on the dates you're back! (Or should I say mine and Toms bday haha)